Enterprise software development for “this quarter”

The traditional software development process is slow because you have to build so much functionality from scratch. At Onymos, we make the app dev commodities for you ahead of time so your team can engineer the innovations instead.


Guaranteed to cut months off dev time

We built user interfaces, login, chat, real-time analytics, OCR, and over a dozen other solutions the way your team would if they had weeks or months. Now, they never have to build any of them again. That’s Features-as-a-Service — pre-built enterprise-level software.

Close the talent gap
Close the talent gap

Using Onymos is like having an extra development team on your development team. Our software includes device-side functionality, server-side functions, and ongoing maintenance/updates. We make developing enterprise software products faster, easier, and more cost-effective.

Own the code
Own the code

Our source code licensing model ensures you and your team have complete access — just like if they built it themselves. That’s why we’re Onymos (the opposite of anonymous). Our ethos is anti-vendor lock-in.

Battle-tested security
Battle-tested security

Onymos is part of large-scale software development projects at Fortune 100 companies like Albertsons, CVS, and Walmart. We’re SOC 2 and HIPPA compliant. But we go beyond that. Our “no-data” architecture model ensures we have no access to customer data.

Pro-code, not no-code

We build our software with the technologies your team already uses. Onymos is available for React Native, Ionic, Cordova, Swift, Kotlin, Go, Angular, and more. If we don’t already support your preferred language or framework, we will.

6x faster GTM

Prototype to production

When Vapotherm needed to combine an innovative med device with a fully-connected care platform, everyone else told them building it all would take several months of work. Then, they found Onymos — and were testing in hospitals in just 8 weeks.

Onymos is the fastest, easiest way to build prototypes that scale to MVP and beyond.

GTM faster

Decades of experience

Software development services too

Onymos engineering leaders come from companies like Intuit, Oracle, and Synopsys. We’re experts at building web, mobile, and IoT apps for every industry because we’ve done it hundreds of times.

And, since we use our own Features-as-a-Service platform, we move faster than everyone else.

Enterprise experience

Enterprise application development (just faster)

Whether you’re upgrading your legacy apps or building all news ones, Onymos has the off-the-shelf software solutions you need now.

Digital tools for Albertsons’ health workers

In 2021, Albertsons Pharmacy was delivering millions of doses of COVID-19 vaccine to customers nationwide. Mobile and makeshift vaccination centers were the norm, and pharmacists in the field needed a reliable way to process the hundreds of vaccine consent forms they were handling every day.

Building an automated data extraction solution had to happen fast, but Albertsons’ couldn’t find a technology partner that could commit to their timeline.

That is, until they connected with Onymos. Together, we launched VaxConsent in 4 weeks.

Enterprise software development at Albertsons

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A better way to do enterprise app development
  • Features you need, fully integrated
    • Access
    • Biometrics
    • Chat
    • Contacts
    • DataStore
    • DeepLink
    • Location
    • Media
    • Notification
    • And more…
  • Eliminate tech debt and maintenance
  • Access to the complete source code
  • Compatible with the most popular web and mobile tech
  • Our Professional Services team is ready to help

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