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What’s “Features-as-a-Service” or “pro-code”? Find out below, where we answer some of the questions we hear the most!

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No. Onymos uses a pro-code approach that gives you unrivaled flexibility, scalability, security, and performance. Onymos Features-as-a-Service was designed to ensure building your app the pro-code way is as fast as (or, in some cases, even faster than) using low-code/no-code.

“Pro-code” refers to actually writing and using code to build software. That includes using technologies that prioritize technical app builders and their teams. Onymos Features-as-a-Service is a pro-code platform because it was designed to enable professional software engineers to pursue rapid app development without the limitations typically associated with low-code/no-code.

We even offer to license the actual source code to our customers. They can trust our software’s performance and security because they can see (and customize) every line of code.

We’ve built our software for multiple languages and frameworks across web, mobile, and IoT. That includes languages like Java, JavaScript/TypeScript, Python, Go, Swift, and Kotlin and frameworks like React, Angular, Ionic, Cordova, and React Native. If you require software in a language or framework not yet supported, we can custom-build it for your environment.

Regardless of the language or framework, the functionality and ease of use are always the same. 

There are app features like login, chat, and push notifications that exist in every kind of app. Onymos Features-as-a-Service offers these “commodity features” pre-built and equipped with all the functionality and connectivity you expect, making them easy for software engineers to integrate and use. This means enterprises and their developers focus on building the real innovations and business value that separates them from their competitors.  

Our “no-data” architecture is the ultimate in data security and privacy. We can’t see or access a bit or byte of our customers’ data. The innovations we’ve built into our technology to support that make it a truly first-of-its-kind solution. The Onymos Features-as-a-Service platform is also subject to rigorous third-party audits and penetration tests.

Our priority is developers. Every Onymos Feature includes a code library they can interact with via a simple API. And because you can license the actual source code, they can even customize it just as if they’d built it all themselves.

You can achieve a 6x faster GTM because you’re not wasting valuable time duplicating existing work. We built login, chat, OCR, and over a dozen other app features the way your team would if they had weeks or months.  

Onymos uses an annual subscription model where the pricing of our software depends on its functionality and the integrations involved. The price of Onymos software is a fraction of what it would cost for an engineering team to build, maintain, and update these same app features themselves.  

Yes. Onymos helps healthcare companies, medical device manufacturers, and hospitals get to production faster. Our “no-data” architecture model is particularly suited for rapid app development within these kinds of organizations because we don’t process PHI, PII, and other kinds of sensitive data types.

Onymos IoT enables our customers to build full-featured IoT ecosystems. It includes a fully customizable dashboard for visualizing data and controlling your devices. Unlike other IoT platforms and services, every part of Onymos IoT runs inside your own infrastructure.

With supply chain attacks rising and so many SaaS companies trying to use customer data for their own AI model training, Onymos deliberately chose to do things differently. Our “no-data” architecture ensures our customers always keep their data in their cloud or on-prem infrastructure. Proprietary customer data is never on an Onymos server.

Plus, owning the source code guarantees no vendor lock-in.

We know how important it is to have reliable support throughout the entire app development process, and our team is dedicated to assisting our users. That’s part of the “Service” in Features-as-a-Service.

If you encounter any technical issues, have questions about the platform’s functionality, or need guidance on how to best utilize Onymos for your specific use case, your account manager and our team will be available to help. No automated messages or canned responses — you’ll always get personalized support.

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