Enhanced OCR for universities

Let’s face it. Most software in the education space isn’t very good — but you don’t have to settle anymore. Launch faster with state-of-the-art enhanced document scanning and OCR (optical character recognition).

Onymos DocKnow

Intelligent OCR for universities

Skip the learning curve. Get straight to data extraction. Whether it’s an immunization form, Covid-19 vaccination card, or student records, Onymos DocKnow can extract text from any kind of document.

Cutting-edge tech

Don’t outsource to a third-party just for them to save a picture of your document to their server. Onymos DocKnow digitizes your data on a granular level.

Machine learning

When we say intelligent, we mean it. Onymos Intelligent OCR can extract data from crumpled, wrinkled, and stained documents or messy handwriting with ease.

Your data is yours

Onymos doesn’t use an interim server, and nothing comes between you and your data. Fortune 100 companies like Albertsons and CVS and top universities trust Onymos to securely capture and transmit personally identifiable information (PII) and financial records.

Launch faster

Implementing OCR is a lot of work. Engineers have to build templates, interpret data types, and configure complex back-ends. Unless they use Onymos. Even compared to other third-party solutions, Onymos’s ease of use is unparalleled.

Machine Learning + People

DocKnow incorporates visible bounding boxes, or frames that appear around input fields. They help human verifiers quickly locate and identify the OCR text in an image, making it easier for them to verify the accuracy of the text and correct any errors. It’s as easy as selecting a field to automatically zoom in on and highlight it.

OCR bounding boxes and zoom

Leveraging every device

DocKnow can interface with your device’s camera, so you can scan and digitize document data straight from your smart phone. It works with scanners too — or you can just upload a file you already have saved. DocKnow accepts PNG, JPEG, TIFF, PDF, and even multi-page documents.

Why Onymos?

Onymos in < 1 weekSchools doing it themselves in < 1 weekThe other guys
Handwriting recognitionYesBased on userVariable
Local storageNoNoLimited
Cloud storageYesNoLimited
Connected scannerYesNoLimited
Camera/photo libraryYesNoLimited
Bounding boxesYesNoN/A
Configurable for different doc typesYesNoN/A

What’s in DocKnow?

user interface icon
User interface
  • Provides ordered data fields to dynamically render your documents
  • Captures zoomed-in images of your document’s data fields for human-in-the-loop verification
mobile device functionality icon
Device-side functionality
  • Transforms printed and handwritten text into structured data
  • Support for multiple data types: text, numbers, dates, and checkboxes
  • General text recognition can even parse text on untrained documents
server side functionality icon
Server-side functionality
  • Stores and manages your document templates
  • Remotely update your document templates — not your app’s UI
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