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Case Study – University of Cincinnati

Onymos and the University of Cincinnati

Pre-COVID, the non-profit association EDUCAUSE reported that only 19% of higher education institutions leveraged “digital transformation” technologies like OCR (optical character recognition).

Post-COVID, things have changed.

And some of the University of Cincinnati’s newest leaders are the ones leading the charge.


Before the beginning of the 2023 Fall semester, the UC team decided they needed a digital transformation partner that could help them develop a more efficient, secure, and cost-effective solution for processing student health information. Students would need to be able to OCR their own medical records via a web portal, digitizing that data so it could be easily recorded.

For that, they turned to Onymos DocKnow.

“What interested us in Onymos DocKnow is the ability to streamline and automate our processes as part of our digital transformation journey,” said Bharath Prabhakaran, Vice President and Chief Digital Officer at the University of Cincinnati. “Incorporating high-quality software and tools into our own applications enables a better experience for our staff and students.”


The new OCR solution went live in October 2023, streamlining a previously tedious and time-consuming process for everyone at UC.

  • UC uses Onymos DocKnow to perform OCR, or data extraction, on their students’ healthcare forms and medical records. On mobile, students can use their devices’ cameras to capture images of these documents.
  • Students use Onymos DocKnow UI via a web portal for human-in-the-loop data verification. Zoom-in/zoom-out functionality and visual bounding boxes help to make it easy.

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