By: Jamie Goodnight

Onymos and the University of Cincinnati

Pre-COVID, the non-profit association EDUCAUSE reported that only 19% of higher education institutions leveraged “digital transformation” technologies like OCR (optical character recognition). Post-COVID, things have changed. And some of the University of Cincinnati’s newest leaders are the ones leading the charge. Requirements Before the beginning of the 2023 Fall semester, the UC team decided they […]

Onymos and Vapotherm

In 2023, Vapotherm, the innovative medical device manufacturer, partnered with Onymos to help them deliver the next next-generation respiratory care experience to hospital patients. When Vapotherm initially connected with Onymos, their HVT 2.0 device was already dramatically improving the quality of patient care using its mask-free and integrated air source technology. The only hitch? Patient […]

University of Cincinnati and Onymos

Onymos, developer of the world’s first Features-as-a-Service platform, today announced its newest customer, the University of Cincinnati. The goal of this partnership was to enable the University of Cincinnati to create an innovative new tool that will enable the rapid, accurate, and secure conversion, validation, and entry of healthcare data from thousands of students. This will ultimately provide the university’s healthcare staff with even more time to focus on student health and wellness rather than paperwork.

Albertsons case study

At the start of 2021, the US was on the cusp of mass vaccinations for COVID. Healthcare providers across the country were gearing up to vaccinate potentially thousands of people per day. And one nationwide pharmacy realized they faced a mountain of paper vaccine consent forms. These forms contained critical patient data and were needed […]

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