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Features as a Service

Time to market can make or break any app dev project. Yet many enterprises, agencies, and developers slow innovation by burning countless hours building core functionality from scratch and extending development timelines.

When you can get the Features your app needs out of the box, development begins with the foundation already in place — and you can move fast from day one.

Get to market faster

Cut development time by as much as 80%. You can deploy in days, not months, when you build your app with ready-made, full-stack Features from Onymos.

Eliminate tech debt
Eliminate tech debt

The average Onymos Feature has over a thousand hours of development time, and that number’s only getting bigger. When software or APIs get updated, our Features do too.

Cloud services

UI/UX, front-end logic, and integrated cloud services like Stripe, APNs, and Amazon S3. When you use Onymos Features, you get it all.

Who’s using Onymos

Companies like Albertsons, CVS Pharmacy, and Walmart are already building their apps with Onymos.

Whether you’re innovating healthcare or revolutionizing fintech, Onymos Features will you help build apps faster, smarter, and more efficiently. Use them individually or all together.


Who's using Onymos

A document scanning solution for Albertsons

Albertsons needed a portal solution for scanning and digitizing handwritten vaccine consent forms — and they needed it yesterday. Access, Media and our new OCR Feature enabled them to go from idea to the App Store in 4 weeks.

By combining ML-based OCR with human verification, their enterprise app is able to reduce data entry times and improve data accuracy. Plus, putting the app onto mobile devices has given the pharmacy techs previously unattainable mobility to capture data at the point of care.

Spending her money where it counts

Jenny faced a limited budget and tight timelines when building her peer-to-peer shopping app TIVVIT. With Onymos, she bought her app’s core functionality off the shelf, freeing her team to focus on the features TIVVIT needed to stand out in the marketplace.

“TIVVIT is an inclusive platform where fashion lovers share style suggestions. Onymos’ variety of Social and Retail components have created a great experience for our users and kept the app fresh and current,” said Jenny Cipoletti, Founder of TIVVIT.

JoyRun needed to move fast to win

Manish Rathi saw an opportunity for a new type of food-delivery app optimized for communities such as schools and offices, but to win, he needed to get his app into the market fast.

Combining geo-location with social networks, JoyRun emerged as a forerunner in the “social food delivery” category by connecting ‘buyers’ with ‘runners’ for convenient local delivery.

For developers, by developers

Plugins and open-source code snippets often sound good — until you look under the hood. Our Features were built by developers, for developers, with the code quality and performance leading apps demand.

And our unique source code licensing model offers complete customization, transparency, and extensibility, without the headaches of open source.

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Code you can trust

Onymos Features are available as licensed source code, giving you the trust and security that comes from a verifiable code stack. Nothing hidden, fully customizable.

Expert help every step of the way

Engaging with Onymos couldn’t be easier. We offer easy-to-follow quickstart guides, API documentation, transparent pricing, ongoing maintenance, and as much support as you need.

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We call our Features full-stack because they go beyond the plugins and code snips you’re used to. No more managing developer consoles or configuring cloud services.

Onymos Features

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Start building with Chat for free

Adding Chat to an app can be deceptively complex. With Onymos Chat, we provide the message management and storage and you make it shine.

You get:

  • Complete server-side functionality – included
  • Multi-cloud support for messaging, media
  • Tiered encryption
  • Enhanced functionality with other Onymos Components
access login component

Start building with Access

Allow users to securely log in to your app using your preferred sign-in methods, including email authentication, social media logins, or OAuth integration.

You get:

  • Complete email and password-based authentication
  • Social logins for Apple, Facebook and Google
  • OAuth 2.0 support
  • Integration with leading third-party providers
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Start building with Location

Location services are more than lat/long, its tools for translating addresses and geo-locations, for building fences and notifying movements, all with superior battery performance.

You get:

  • Power-optimized GPS services
  • Full server-side implementation
  • Unlimited geofence locations
  • Granulate distances around fences

We can help

Want help creating your app? Our Professional Services team can work with you to design, build, and test your app and support its release to app stores. We can help you build the app you want, faster.

Think differently about app dev

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