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Features as a Service

Build apps faster.
Innovate more.

Building new apps from scratch is a waste of your developers’ time and skills. Get core features your app needs now — because they’re already built.

Onymos and Features as a Service

The world’s biggest brands are building apps with Onymos

The world’s biggest brands are building apps with Onymos

Maintenance. Tech debt. Innovation.

Your software engineers should build the features that make your app stand out, not the app dev commodities. For those — you’ve got Onymos. Get features like payments, biometrics, deep links, login, and OCR that work in your app out of the box.



Faster GTM

Don’t burn countless hours reinventing the wheel. Deploy in weeks, not months, when you use off-the-shelf Onymos Features in your app instead.

Full stack



Not just UI/UX and front-end logic, Onymos Features are integrated with cloud services like Google Sign-In, APNs, and Amazon S3. That’s why we call them full stack.

Eliminate tech debt


Eliminate tech debt. Onymos Features have thousands of hours of development time — and when APIs or devices get updated, our (your) features do too.

Un-secret code

Our unprecedented source code licensing model offers complete security, transparency, and customization.

Plugins and open-source code snippets often sound good — until you look under the hood. Onymos Features were built by developers, for developers, with the code quality and performance leading enterprise apps demand.

Programming browser
Code you can trust

Onymos Features are available as licensed source code, giving you the trust and security that comes from a verifiable code stack. Nothing hidden, fully customizable.

Help and support
Expert help every step of the way

Engaging with Onymos couldn’t be easier. We offer easy-to-follow quickstart guides, API documentation, ongoing maintenance, and as much support as you need.

Full stack

Onymos Features are full stack because they go beyond the plugins and code snips you’re used to. No more managing developer consoles or configuring cloud services.

The app feature store

Get over a dozen features for your apps. Use just one — or all of them.

Start building with Access

Allow users to securely log in to your app using your preferred sign-in methods, including email authentication, social media logins, or OAuth integration.

  • Complete email and password-based authentication
  • Social logins for Apple, Azure, Facebook and Google
  • OAuth 2.0 support
  • Integration with leading third-party providers

Start building with Biometrics

Add Face ID or Touch ID in a snap with Onymos Biometrics. Easily adapt to the technology supported on a particular device and platform.

  • Easily support latest technologies
  • Single function across platforms, devices
  • Pre-determine device capabilities
  • Feature, capability-level authentication

Start building with DocKnow

Digitize your documentation and extract structured data with powerful OCR trusted by companies like Albertsons and CVS.

  • Supports multiple data types: text, numbers, dates, and checkboxes
  • Returns zoomed-in snapshots of each field for human-in-the-loop verification
  • Update document templates remotely without updating your app
  • General text recognition for parsing untrained document models

And we can help

Want help creating your app? Our Professional Services team can work with you to design, build, and test your app and support its release to app stores. We can help you build the app you want, faster.

Think differently about app dev

Read how Onymos Features will transform application development for enterprises and their software engineers.

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