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Tech Crunch

Onymos Raises 12m to Provide Plug-in Features for Apps

Business Intelligence Group

2024 Fortress Award Winners Fortify the Future of Cybersecurity


Announcing the 2024 nominees for VentureBeat Women in AI Awards

“Onymos, a Menlo Park, Calif.-based software company for app features development, raised $12 million in Series A funding. Great Point Ventures led the round and was joined by investors including Benhamou Global Ventures, Engineering Capital, and Industry Ventures.”

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“[Shiva Nathan] adds the next critical work businesses must do is to plan for what I think of as the pre-post-password world. “It’s the transition time between passwords and passwordless,” he notes. “How will they effectively provide two different user experiences simultaneously?”

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“Both the initial application building and the continual maintenance are major time sucks on an engineering team. This prevents them from being innovative on their next customer-facing product, and instead shifts focus to internal builds.”

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“We here at Onymos are telling you there’s a better way—a revolutionary way—that you can develop applications. You don’t need to focus on or worry about building and maintaining basic features, you can drive business value elsewhere.”

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A SaaD future knocking over honeypots? Onymos CEO Shiva Nathan on why the cloud has been set up wrong


The 10 Coolest IoT Software Companies: The 2024 Internet Of Things 50

CIO Dive

Zoom’s AI Terms Overhaul Set the Stage for Broader Data Use Scrutiny

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