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Tech Crunch

“To Nathan’s point, app development can be time-consuming and costly. According to a 2018 Stripe survey, the average developer spends more than 17 hours a week dealing with maintenance issues […].”


“Features-as-a-Service may have evolved as a branding and differentiation label for SaaS companies, but it has now morphed into an approach to application development to enable greater efficiencies.”


“However, industry experts say three current trends will stay the course: artificial intelligence for IT operations (AIOps) and machine learning operations (MLOps), spatial computing, and low-code and high-code skills.”

“One way in which enterprises can balance innovation, commercialization, and development is through an emerging approach to application development known as features-as-a-service (FaaS).”

“Onymos, a Menlo Park, Calif.-based software company for app features development, raised $12 million in Series A funding. Great Point Ventures led the round and was joined by investors including Benhamou Global Ventures, Engineering Capital, and Industry Ventures.”

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“[Shiva Nathan] adds the next critical work businesses must do is to plan for what I think of as the pre-post-password world. “It’s the transition time between passwords and passwordless,” he notes. “How will they effectively provide two different user experiences simultaneously?”

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“Both the initial application building and the continual maintenance are major time sucks on an engineering team. This prevents them from being innovative on their next customer-facing product, and instead shifts focus to internal builds.”

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“We here at Onymos are telling you there’s a better way—a revolutionary way—that you can develop applications. You don’t need to focus on or worry about building and maintaining basic features, you can drive business value elsewhere.”

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Integration Developer News

Apple, Google, and Microsoft actually joined forces earlier this year and announced their intention to start supporting FIDO passkey authentication on all of their browsers, platforms, and operating systems before the end of this calendar year.


“‘You can try to create a position for yourself,’ he said. ‘Write to companies offering to help fix a particular problem you have noticed or [suggesting] a cool enhancement you can make to their offering. Be creative.’ Developers should also seek out companies that recently raised venture financing, Nathan said.”

Database Trends and Applications

Database Trends and Applications

“Cybersecurity and threat detection continues to be top of mind moving into 2023. Data breaches and the capture of sensitive information remain concerns for organizations large and small. Just in 2022, the average cost of data breaches reached $4.35 million globally—up 2.6% from the previous year, according to an IBM report.”

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