Onymos case studies

Pre-built solutions for custom use cases. There’s OCR for pharmacy techs in the field, digital transformation for universities, and IoT connectivity for medical devices… just to name a few.

Onymos and Vapotherm

Taking a next-generation medical device online

Vapotherm’s HVT 2.0 device delivered a new kind of non-invasive therapeutic care for hospital patients suffering from respiratory distress.

But it needed one crucial upgrade — online connectivity.

Using Onymos’ Features-as-a-Service platform, Vapotherm rapidly developed a complete IoT remote monitoring and management system.

Onymos and the University of Cincinnati

Digital transformation at UC

The University of Cincinnati’s leadership team knew the old way of processing student health data wouldn’t cut it in a post-COVID world. They needed an OCR software solution up to the challenge.

“What interested us in Onymos DocKnow is the ability to streamline and automate our processes as part of our digital transformation journey,” said Bharath Prabhakaran, Vice President and Chief Digital Officer at the University of Cincinnati.

Albertsons case study

A document scanning solution for Albertsons

Albertsons needed a portal solution for scanning and digitizing handwritten vaccine consent forms — and they needed it yesterday. Access, Media and our Know Your HealthDocs bundle enabled them to go from idea to the App Store in 4 weeks.

By combining ML-based OCR with human verification, their enterprise app is able to reduce data entry times and improve data accuracy. Plus, putting the app onto mobile devices has given the pharmacy techs previously unattainable mobility to capture data at the point of care.

JoyRun Case Study

JoyRun needed to move fast to win

Manish Rathi saw an opportunity for a new type of food-delivery app optimized for communities such as schools and offices, but to win, he needed to get his app into the market fast.

Combining geo-location with social networks, JoyRun emerged as a forerunner in the “social food delivery” category by connecting ‘buyers’ with ‘runners’ for convenient local delivery.

In 2020, JoyRun was acquired by Walmart.

Sherpa Case Study

Virtual experiences on mobile

When you use Onymos Features, you don’t have to be a mobile-first developer to code an app like one. Sherpa Digital Media found that out, well, the easy way when they needed to extend their web app to iOS and Android.

“The browser-only experience was falling behind in terms of security and privacy requirements, as well as what mobile users expect from a video service. We wanted a way to extend the service we had while taking advantage of the new capabilities available on a smartphone,” said Jonathan Orner, Vice President of Customer Engineering for Sherpa Digital Media.

In 2021, Sherpa Digital Media was acquired by Telestream.

RetinaRisk Case Study

Building value in a medical diagnostic app

Dr. Einar Stefansson saw the need to provide healthcare professionals with an accurate and convenient mobile app. So he bought the complete suite of Onymos Features, and invested in developing unique clinical functionality.

“Time to market was extremely important to us. Onymos delivered, allowing us to leapfrog the competition and be the first organization in our medical space with a mobile app,” said Dr. Stefansson, Founder of RetinaRisk.

Tivvit Case Study

Spending her money where it counts

Jenny faced a limited budget and tight timelines when building her peer-to-peer shopping app TIVVIT. With Onymos, she bought her app’s core functionality off the shelf, freeing her team to focus on the features TIVVIT needed to stand out in the marketplace.

“TIVVIT is an inclusive platform where fashion lovers share style suggestions. Onymos’ variety of social and retail features have created a great experience for our users and kept the app fresh and current,” said Jenny Cipoletti, Founder of TIVVIT.

Why use Features as a Service?

From Access to Chat to Media, Onymos Features are the essential building blocks for creating rich, high-performance apps on web or mobile — tailored to your existing build environment.

Nothing legacy about us
Nothing legacy about us

Whether it’s FIDO passkeys or the latest Apple system-on-a-chip, we make sure Onymos Features leverage the latest technologies — so your apps will too.

We keep you secure
We keep you secure

All of our third-party integrations are implemented using best practices. Onymos Features get updated immediately when providers change their recommendations or discover critical vulnerabilities.

Expert support
You get expert support

We’re ready to help. Consider our team your bonus Onymos Feature. We have decades of combined experience building software across companies like Intuit, Oracle, and Synopsys.

Our network of experts
Our network

You shouldn’t have to do everything yourself. That’s why we founded Onymos, and that’s why we’ve teamed up with partners who can help design, build, and deploy your web and mobile apps.

Think differently about app dev

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