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Case Study – Albertsons

Albertsons case study

At the start of 2021, the US was on the cusp of mass vaccinations for COVID-19. Healthcare providers across the country were gearing up to vaccinate potentially thousands of people per day. And one nationwide pharmacy realized they faced a mountain of paper vaccine consent forms.

These forms contained critical patient data and were needed for several reasons, including tracking, reporting, and marketing purposes.

Albertsons was keen to provide its field and in-store pharmacy technicians with a portable device to ingest data while still providing exceptional patient care.


Albertsons turned to Onymos to help it rapidly develop a mobile app for their technicians to scan in paper forms, utilize the latest cloud-based AI/ML form recognition technology, and submit the extracted data, along with an image of the form, into their electronic patient management system.

And the entire project, from start to finish, needed to be done ASAP.


With essential features like login and OCR from Onymos out of the box, the team was able to build and iterate on the app quickly. They moved initially from an iPad form factor to a smartphone which proved to be much easier for technicians to manipulate.

By combining ML-based OCR with human verification, the app is able to reduce data entry times and improve data accuracy. Plus, putting the app onto mobile devices has given the pharmacy techs previously unattainable mobility to capture data at the point of care.

Onymos helped Albertsons deliver a fully functional form-scanning mobile app in just 4 weeks. Soon after, the web app was released, too.

Onymos provides essential Features for developers and teams to rapidly create web and mobile apps. We can work directly with clients to build full-featured products that support specific business objectives.

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Onymos Features Used:

  • Access (OAuth to Azure Active Directory)
  • Media (Image capture, compression)
  • Know Your HealthDocs (Image enhancement and simplified access to cloud-based OCR service)

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