Best OCR Software

Receipts, forms, contracts, IDs, and invoices — most organizations still use a whole lot of paper. It’s why OCR (optical character recognition) is the de facto king of digital transformation technology. If you’re making document digitization a priority, finding the best OCR software for your use case is critical. If you’re successful, you’ll be really […]

Software Development as a Service

Over the last few years, Software-Development-as-a-Service (SDaaS) has started challenging the app dev status quo. Mott Ford, an account manager and director at Onymos, has been hearing about it more and more from the engineering leads, project managers, and development teams he talks to.  “Onymos is something legitimately disruptive. People try to relate to it in […]

Onymos and the University of Cincinnati

Pre-COVID, the non-profit association EDUCAUSE reported that only 19% of higher education institutions leveraged “digital transformation” technologies like OCR (optical character recognition). Post-COVID, things have changed. And some of the University of Cincinnati’s newest leaders are the ones leading the charge. Requirements Before the beginning of the 2023 Fall semester, the UC team decided they […]

Onymos and Vapotherm

In 2023, Vapotherm, the innovative medical device manufacturer, partnered with Onymos to help them deliver the next next-generation respiratory care experience to hospital patients. When Vapotherm initially connected with Onymos, their HVT 2.0 device was already dramatically improving the quality of patient care using its mask-free and integrated air source technology. The only hitch? Patient […]

Your data

Your data has a problem — SaaS.  As Onymos Founder Shiva Nathan puts it, “[SaaS companies] rent you software with their right hand and take your data with their left.” Just ask Zoom (actually, they would probably prefer you don’t). When Stack Diary broke the news about Zoom’s recently updated Terms of Service the story quickly […]

Build vs buy

“Build the innovation. Buy the commodities.” A classic evolution of maturing industries and markets is the rise of commoditization within the value chain. If there is limited value in building the foundation, then it’s more cost-effective to buy it from an optimized supplier and move on to building higher-level value. Homebuilders don’t make kitchen cabinets. […]

Trust Onymos

It’s getting harder and harder to trust all of the software we use to build our software. There’s the shadow IT in enterprises and the malicious code hiding in open source. Providers deprecate critical services and “security incidents” are a regular occurence. Cloud costs are rising and vendor lock-in is keeping everyone stuck in place. […]

Onymos no-data architecture

One of the advantages of using Onymos isn’t something we have. It’s something we don’t — your data.  Most software platforms rely on an intermediary server. There are several reasons for this, from interim data manipulation to lazy development to a desire to stay in between you and your (and your customer’s) data.  But at […]

Success with IoT

A few years ago, Cisco surveyed tech executives and learned things weren’t going so hot with their IoT initiatives. 75% of them failed. Yeah. That’s not a typo. A more recent report by Beecham Research produced similar results. 18% of the 25,000 IoT adopters surveyed said their projects were completely unsuccessful and another 40% said they were just mostly unsuccessful.  Only 12% […]

Onymos and Ionic

The Ionic Framework is a wonderful and wildly popular open-source UI toolkit for building performant, high-quality apps using web technologies. Onymos Features-as-a-Service, available for Ionic, is a suite of foundational app features for building complex enterprise apps using standard web tools. They sound about the same, causing people to sometimes ask, “We are using/considering the […]

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