OCR Accuracy

If you’re looking for the “perfect” optical character recognition (OCR) solution, there’s probably one thing you want it to be more than anything else: Accurate. And you’re probably trying to find “the most accurate” option. What if I told you that OCR accuracy, while obviously important, doesn’t really matter in the way you might think? […]

Best OCR Software

Receipts, forms, contracts, IDs, and invoices — most organizations still use a whole lot of paper. It’s why OCR (optical character recognition) is the de facto king of digital transformation technology. If you’re making document digitization a priority, finding the best OCR software for your use case is critical. If you’re successful, you’ll be really […]

Intelligent OCR

In 2021, Albertsons’ pharmacy technicians were overwhelmed with paper documents. Techs had to manually process a separate patient consent form for every COVID-19 vaccination they performed. Albertsons knew they had to find a better solution. They needed intelligent OCR software. The first problem was outsourcing to traditional third-party platforms was untenable since they were dealing with their customers’ […]

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