“Telehealth 1.0 is dead,” says Included Health CEO Owen Tripp. Tripp argues “The problem with telehealth 1.0 is it’s just a — put a quarter in the jukebox, listen to one song, and then it’s over. You don’t see the same doctor again.” Is that the problem with telehealth? It’s true that one-time telehealth darlings […]

Evolution of the Internet

Researchers funded by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) invented what would evolve into the Internet to facilitate communication and information sharing. The goal was to create a robust and decentralized network that could withstand partial failures, such as damage to some communication routes and/or computer systems. When businesses started embracing the Internet in […]

The (Software) Innovation Problem

Tech companies aren’t innovative enough. That’s according to 94% of executives who said they weren’t satisfied with their company’s innovativeness in a McKinsey Global Innovation survey. Our meta-study of surveys and reports on innovation in the tech space confirms they’re not the only ones who feel that way. From the C-suite to the software engineers […]

Supply Chain Attack

Think you’re prepared for a supply chain attack?  Do you have a dedicated DevOps team? Discriminating access controls? Regular security audits? That’s all great — but none of it matters. When it comes to supply chain attacks, all that matters is this: Who else has your data? The biggest supply chain risk is SaaS itself Gartner predicts […]

Data Ownership

When Austen Allred, the CEO of polarizing code boot camp BloomTech, tried to migrate his virtual school off of Slack, he almost learned a $78,000 lesson on the concept of data ownership. This is hands down the most unacceptable interaction I've ever had as a CEO. Having paid Slack millions of dollars, exporting our data […]

Tech Leaders

Every day, there’s something new that’s tech — new tech companies, new tech trends, new tech solutions. But the tech thing there’s more of than anything else is tech hot takes. If you’re like us, you’ve probably had to hear a lot of bad ones. That’s why we asked our co-workers, customers, and partners, “Who are the tech […]

Predicting 2024

As December progresses, it’s an ideal time to not only contemplate the events that shaped 2023 but to envision the possibilities that lie ahead in 2024.  Our founder and CEO, Shiva Nathan, made a number of bold predictions in 2023 — from the increased need for better app development processes to how geopolitical events would […]

4 things nobody tells you about low-code/no-code

You’ve probably already heard of low-code/no-code. “Low-code/no-code is taking over the world!” said… everybody.  But, if you need a refresher, low-code/no-code is a category of tools and technologies you can use — especially the non-engineer “you”s out there — to build software faster than if you were to write the code for it yourself (or […]

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