SaaS vs SecOps

Think you’re prepared for a supply chain attack?  Do you have a dedicated DevOps team? Discriminating access controls? Regular security audits? That’s all great — but none of it matters. When it comes to supply chain attacks, all that matters is this: Who else has your data? The biggest supply chain risk is SaaS itself Gartner predicts […]

Data Ownership

When Austen Allred, the polarizing CEO of code boot camp BloomTech, tried to migrate his virtual school off of Slack, he almost learned a $78,000 lesson on the concept of data ownership. This is hands down the most unacceptable interaction I've ever had as a CEO. Having paid Slack millions of dollars, exporting our data […]

Tech Leaders

Every day, there’s something new that’s tech — new tech companies, new tech trends, new tech solutions. But the tech thing there’s more of than anything else is tech hot takes. If you’re like us, you’ve probably had to hear a lot of bad ones. That’s why we asked our co-workers, customers, and partners, “Who are the tech […]

Predicting 2024

As December progresses, it’s an ideal time to not only contemplate the events that shaped 2023 but to envision the possibilities that lie ahead in 2024.  Our founder and CEO, Shiva Nathan, made a number of bold predictions in 2023 — from the increased need for better app development processes to how geopolitical events would […]

4 things nobody tells you about low-code/no-code

You’ve probably already heard of low-code/no-code. “Low-code/no-code is taking over the world!” said… everybody.  But, if you need a refresher, low-code/no-code is a category of tools and technologies you can use — especially the non-engineer “you”s out there — to build software faster than if you were to write the code for it yourself (or […]

MGM and Caesars hack

Caesars Entertainment Inc. and MGM Resorts International were just on the receiving end of the two most high-profile hacks of 2023 so far. In gambling terms, you could probably say they’re coughing up chips right about now.  It’s being reported that Caesars agreed to pay at least as much as half of a $30M ransom to […]

Your data

Your data has a problem — SaaS.  As Onymos Founder Shiva Nathan puts it, “[SaaS companies] rent you software with their right hand and take your data with their left.” Just ask Zoom (actually, they would probably prefer you don’t). When Stack Diary broke the news about Zoom’s recently updated Terms of Service the story quickly […]

Terms in IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) is big, probably way bigger than you think. Experts agree — alongside AI, it’s expected to be one of the most transformative technologies of this decade. There are a lot of feelings about that. An article from ZDNet warns, “IoT under attack: Security is still not good enough on these edge devices.”  One writer says, […]

What is MQTT?

MQTT is a messaging protocol, a set of rules for Internet of Things (IoT) devices transmitting and receiving data. Choosing a messaging protocol is a bit like a writer choosing which style guide to refer to. Wikipedia’s entry on MQTT begins somewhat mysteriously. “MQTT (originally an initialism of MQ Telemetry Transport)…”  Originally?  MQTT is what’s […]

Rapid prototyping

The CEO of GE Ventures, Sue Siegel said, “Failing fast without losing a customer is better than spending three hundred million dollars on a project that you take all the way out for a year or two.”  The philosophy of “failing fast” (or, more optimistically, “confirming your idea is really good fast — and you’re a total […]

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