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By: Shiva Nathan

Android vs Apple

If you search “iOS 16 new features” on Google, you will find that there are over 160,000 results as of September 12, 2022. There is an assortment of articles explaining the changes to Apple Pay (Pay Later, Order Tracking), Focus (Filters Based on Focus), Live Text (Scan Text in Videos), Notifications (UI Changes, Live Updates) […]

Expanding horizons

Today, I’m excited to announce our Series A funding round of $12M.  This funding validates the journey we are on, creating the next technological leap in mobile and web application development. The last decade has been about Cloud-enabled services for Infrastructure (IaaS), Platforms (PaaS), and Software (SaaS). These services have brought down the threshold for […]

Voice interaction is the primordial human interaction. From early grunts to rhythmic iambic pentameter to lyrical music renditions of the spoken word, its very antiquity and various evolutions are rich with complexity. In 1968, the seminal movie 2001: A Space Odyssey, envisioned a fully-aware computer system capable of nuanced conversation as well as self-awareness. Today, […]

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