Software product development

Blossom Founder Thomas Schranz says, “Good companies manage Engineering. Great companies manage Product.”  If you’re a product owner, you know how important your role is. The product is your product. You’re ultimately responsible for its success (or its failure). What do we know about software product development? Well, we’ve helped Fortune 100 companies, medical device […]

10x engineer

In a dark room, a hacker who is definitely a “10x engineer” hunches over their computer screen. They’re typing so fast that you might wonder if they hold a Guinness World Record for it. After a few seconds, they punch the air — “I’m in!” they exclaim, as if there’s a direct correlation between typing […]

Data Ownership

When Austen Allred, the CEO of polarizing code boot camp BloomTech, tried to migrate his virtual school off of Slack, he almost learned a $78,000 lesson on the concept of data ownership. This is hands down the most unacceptable interaction I've ever had as a CEO. Having paid Slack millions of dollars, exporting our data […]

Cloud costs and Bubble pricing

Earlier this year, the no-code platform Bubble dramatically changed its pricing. Customers were not excited. Reactions ranged from what you might describe as “defeated acceptance” all the way to white-hot outrage. On a LinkedIn post by Bubble Co-CEO Emmanuеl Straschnοv announcing the changes, one user replied, “I’m absolutely in favour of price increases. I think […]

Software Development as a Service

Over the last few years, Software-Development-as-a-Service (SDaaS) has started challenging the app dev status quo. Mott Ford, an account manager and director at Onymos, has been hearing about it more and more from the engineering leads, project managers, and development teams he talks to.  “Onymos is something legitimately disruptive. People try to relate to it in […]

Enterprise Mobile App Development

To put it bluntly — enterprise mobile app development is a lot harder than enterprise web development. Shiva Nathan, the founder of Onymos, has years of experience successfully managing web and mobile app dev projects. We asked him to share his considerations for the latter below. 1.) Do you even need a mobile app? The […]

Cyber Security Awareness

Since a presidential and congressional decree in 2004, October has been observed as Cybersecurity Awareness Month. The focus of this awareness month is to promote action and conversation around the safety and security of our ever-evolving digital world.  The proliferation of cyberattacks is expected to majorly impact business and the economy. Some estimates suggest that the cost of damage […]

4 things nobody tells you about low-code/no-code

You’ve probably already heard of low-code/no-code. “Low-code/no-code is taking over the world!” said… everybody.  But, if you need a refresher, low-code/no-code is a category of tools and technologies you can use — especially the non-engineer “you”s out there — to build software faster than if you were to write the code for it yourself (or […]

MGM and Caesars hack

Caesars Entertainment Inc. and MGM Resorts International were just on the receiving end of the two most high-profile hacks of 2023 so far. In gambling terms, you could probably say they’re coughing up chips right about now.  It’s being reported that Caesars agreed to pay at least as much as half of a $30M ransom to […]

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