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Rapid prototyping

The CEO of GE Ventures, Sue Siegel said, “Failing fast without losing a customer is better than spending three hundred million dollars on a project that you take all the way out for a year or two.”  The philosophy of “failing fast” (or, more optimistically, “confirming your idea is really good fast — and you’re a total […]


DeveloperWeek is the world’s largest developer and engineering expo, covering everything from APIs and microservices to AI and IoT. That’s why we’re attending!  “Developers rule the world, and their capital is the SF Bay Area,” said Onymos Founder and CEO Shiva Nathan, “If you are in a tech career, running a tech company, or just passionate […]

A functionality library

It turns out, developers really hate making buttons. Just ask Material UI (MUI), Ant Design, Tailwind CSS, Ionic, Bootstrap, or any of the other (and there are a lot of) successful UI component libraries out there. Each of them offers (at minimum) dozens of pre-designed core UI elements — like buttons.  Objectively, it’s much harder to […]

Learn about in-app purchases

Controversial, for starters. Apple and Google’s rules around in-app purchases are, let’s say, hotly debated. Every transaction through the Apple App Store and Google Play Store is subject to a not insubstantial service fee — 30% (or 15% for developers whose apps transact less than $1M annually). Unsurprisingly, that means most (uh, all?) developers and businesses don’t […]

What iI an App Feature

When I talk to people about how Features-as-a-Service is changing application development for enterprises, one of the first questions a lot of them ask is, “Uh, what is a feature?” That’s a fair question. App dev isn’t short on specialized, context-sensitive jargon (and whatever that stuff means technically, colloquially, it’s kind of the Wild West).  […]

MDN Code Nuggets

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been working through MDN’s Front-End Web Development course. It’s actually fairly new, and according to the release notes, was officially launched in June 2020. I was looking for a resource like this mainly to improve existing skills, and to see what new things I could learn from fundamental topics. Having […]

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