Cyber Security Awareness

Since a presidential and congressional decree in 2004, October has been observed as Cybersecurity Awareness Month. The focus of this awareness month is to promote action and conversation around the safety and security of our ever-evolving digital world.  The proliferation of cyberattacks is expected to majorly impact business and the economy. Some estimates suggest that the cost of damage […]

4 things nobody tells you about low-code/no-code

You’ve probably already heard of low-code/no-code. “Low-code/no-code is taking over the world!” said… everybody.  But, if you need a refresher, low-code/no-code is a category of tools and technologies you can use — especially the non-engineer “you”s out there — to build software faster than if you were to write the code for it yourself (or […]

MGM and Caesars hack

Caesars Entertainment Inc. and MGM Resorts International were just on the receiving end of the two most high-profile hacks of 2023 so far. In gambling terms, you could probably say they’re coughing up chips right about now.  It’s being reported that Caesars agreed to pay at least as much as half of a $30M ransom to […]

Build vs buy

“Build the innovation. Buy the commodities.” A classic evolution of maturing industries and markets is the rise of commoditization within the value chain. If there is limited value in building the foundation, then it’s more cost-effective to buy it from an optimized supplier and move on to building higher-level value. Homebuilders don’t make kitchen cabinets. […]

Custom application development

App development leaders across the U.S. are expressing disappointment with application development due to increasing workloads and time constraints. The pressure is on for companies to innovate, differentiate themselves, and provide more custom software that will supply real value for end-users. Compared to low-code/no-code, custom app development is the process of designing software solutions that […]

Onymos no-data architecture

One of the advantages of using Onymos isn’t something we have, it’s something we don’t — your data.  Most software platforms rely on an intermediary server. There are several reasons for this, from interim data manipulation to ‘lazy’ development to a desire to stay ‘in between’ you and your (and your customer’s) data.  But at […]

Software engineers vs ChatGPT

Are you an innovative, forward-thinking tech leader ready to cut costs, democratize app dev, and embrace AI by using a code generation tool to replace your software engineers?  Maaaybe hold off.  Not that I don’t appreciate the situation. In Gartner’s 2021-2023 Emerging Technology Roadmap for Large Enterprises, 60% of IT executives said that the single biggest reason […]

Success with IoT

A few years ago, Cisco surveyed tech executives and learned things weren’t going so hot with their IoT initiatives. 75% of them failed. Yeah. That’s not a typo. A more recent report by Beecham Research produced similar results. 18% of the 25,000 IoT adopters surveyed said their projects were completely unsuccessful and another 40% said they were just mostly unsuccessful.  Only 12% […]

Rapid prototyping

The CEO of GE Ventures, Sue Siegel said, “Failing fast without losing a customer is better than spending three hundred million dollars on a project that you take all the way out for a year or two.”  The philosophy of “failing fast” (or, more optimistically, “confirming your idea is really good fast — and you’re a total […]


DeveloperWeek is the world’s largest developer and engineering expo, covering everything from APIs and microservices to AI and IoT. That’s why we’re attending!  “Developers rule the world, and their capital is the SF Bay Area,” said Onymos Founder and CEO Shiva Nathan, “If you are in a tech career, running a tech company, or just passionate […]

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