Unexpected innovation with intelligent document processing (IDP)

Intelligent document processing (IDP) is emerging as one of the most popular tools for “business transformation.” IDP solutions are generally used to digitize documents and their data by combining automated processing, AI technologies, third-party integrations, and optical character recognition (OCR). Unsurprisingly, most organizations only start thinking about IDP when processing documents faster and more reliably […]

Healthcare data security

AI, digital transformation, “smart” devices — all this new technology might suggest that healthcare data security is stronger than ever. It has to be, right? Well… Incidents like the recent cyberattack on Fortra, a file-transfer software provider, have left numerous healthcare organizations grappling with the consequences of compromised data security. How can you keep your […]

Off-the-shelf OCR

Receipts, forms, contracts, IDs, and invoices — most organizations still use a whole lot of paper. It’s why OCR (optical character recognition) is the de facto king of digital transformation technology. If you’re making document digitization a priority, finding the best OCR software for your use case is critical. If you’re successful, you’ll be really […]

Intelligent OCR

In 2021, Albertsons’ pharmacy technicians were overwhelmed with paper documents. Techs had to manually process a separate patient consent form for every COVID-19 vaccination they performed. Albertsons knew they had to find a better solution. They needed intelligent OCR software. The first problem was outsourcing to traditional third-party platforms was untenable since they were dealing with their customers’ […]

Cyber Security Awareness

Since a presidential and congressional decree in 2004, October has been observed as Cybersecurity Awareness Month. The focus of this awareness month is to promote action and conversation around the safety and security of our ever-evolving digital world.  The proliferation of cyberattacks is expected to majorly impact business and the economy. Some estimates suggest that the cost of damage […]

High-IP Remote Monitoring Solution

CAGR stands for “compound annual growth rate.” It’s a measure of average revenue growth across a particular industry or sector. A “good” CAGR might be somewhere around 10%.  IoT remote patient monitoring’s CAGR over the next decade is estimated to be higher than 18%.  …Which is still less than IoT remote fleet monitoring’s 20.9%.   And […]

Digital transformation at Onymos

Today, digital transformation (Dx), or the process of digitizing organizations, is on every school admin’s mind. Back in 2019, that wasn’t quite the case. EDUCAUSE published a report then that showed only 13% of colleges and universities were using Dx technologies like AI, optical character recognition (OCR), and the Internet of Things (IoT).   Then Covid-19 […]

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