IoT cloud security

How organizations handle “Internet of Things” (IoT) cloud security has to change — because what the industry’s doing now clearly isn’t working.   Even after years of development and maturity, IoT is still often derisively referred to as the “Internet of Threats.” Part of the reason is that building IoT systems and connected devices is unusually complex. […]

Onymos IoT remote monitoring solution

CAGR stands for “compound annual growth rate.” It’s a measure of average revenue growth across a particular industry or sector. A “good” CAGR might be somewhere around 10%.  IoT remote patient monitoring’s CAGR over the next decade is estimated to be higher than 18%.  …Which is still less than IoT remote fleet monitoring’s 20.9%.   And […]

IoT framework

We were collectively using around 42 billion Internet of Things (IoT) “things” in 2022. We’re expecting to use almost double that by 2025. That includes everything from smart fridges to wearables for real-time monitoring to apple-picking drones. That’s why McKinsey predicts the total economic impact of IoT that year could be north of 11 trillion dollars. It’s no surprise […]

Success with IoT

A few years ago, Cisco surveyed tech executives and learned things weren’t going so hot with their IoT initiatives. 75% of them failed. Yeah. That’s not a typo. A more recent report by Beecham Research produced similar results. 18% of the 25,000 IoT adopters surveyed said their projects were completely unsuccessful and another 40% said they were just mostly unsuccessful.  Only 12% […]

Terms in IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) is big, probably way bigger than you think. Experts agree — alongside AI, it’s expected to be one of the most transformative technologies of this decade. There are a lot of feelings about that. An article from ZDNet warns, “IoT under attack: Security is still not good enough on these edge devices.”  One writer says, […]

What is MQTT?

MQTT is a messaging protocol, a set of rules for Internet of Things (IoT) devices transmitting and receiving data. Choosing a messaging protocol is a bit like a writer choosing which style guide to refer to. Wikipedia’s entry on MQTT begins somewhat mysteriously. “MQTT (originally an initialism of MQ Telemetry Transport)…”  Originally?  MQTT is what’s […]

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