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Tech Links for May: The End of the iPhone, ScarJo, and More

Tech Links for May
  • Speaking of AI safety, will California’s new AI bill force everyone working on AI to play it too safe?

    “The bill’s basic mechanism is to require developers to guarantee, with extensive documentation and under penalty of perjury, that their models do not have a ‘hazardous capability,’ either autonomously or at the behest of humans. The problem is that it is very hard to guarantee that a general-purpose tool won’t be used for nefarious purposes, especially because it’s hard to define what ‘used’ means in this context. If I use GPT-4 to write a phishing email against an urban wastewater treatment plan, does that count? Under this bill, quite possibly so.”
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  • Google’s Flutter layoffs are making people nervous.

    “It might be a tricky situation if Google decides to pull the plug completely on Flutter someday. It’s not that I am saying that they will, but the graveyard of Google products is almost 300 strong. They do not hesitate.”
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