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Need to digitize your documents? Automate business processes? Build a supply chain management system? Onymos is whatever you need it to be — just combine our pre-built software with your in-house team or our professional services.

Digital transformation platform

Data extraction. Geoservices. Real-time data analytics. Secure login. User experiences. And more.

The Onymos digital transformation platform offers over a dozen drop-in app features that connect directly to your cloud or on-prem infrastructure. It even includes an option to license the actual source code, so it’s just like your team built it themselves (we like to think of it as the opposite of vendor lock-in).

Cutting-edge tech
Document digitization

Eliminate manual data entry. Onymos DocKnow can digitize your documents on web or mobile. Even integrate it with other systems and business platforms you use like Salesforce or an EHR.

Battle-tested security
Authentication and authorization

Use Onymos Access and Biometrics to rapidly build secure user login experiences trusted by companies like Albertsons and Vapotherm.

User experience
Built to be used

Features like Onymos DocID (machine learning-powered document validation), Notification (mobile push notifications), and Share (social sharing) were designed and developed leveraging the latest user research, to prioritize your users’ experiences.

Launch faster
GTM faster

Award-winning universities, NYSE-traded medical device manufacturers, and Fortune 100 enterprises all trust Onymos software to get them to market faster. When everyone else told them their solutions would take months to develop, we helped them do it in just weeks.

We already built it for you

Other digitalization platforms make you use their infrastructure — their app, their cloud, their code. But Onymos software is meant to look and feel like your software. That’s why we’re the only provider that offers the source code for you to verify and customize.

Driving digital transformation at the University of Cincinnati

Post-COVID, UC’s leadership team made achieving digitalization a top priority — starting with recording and digitizing student health information. UC combined Onymos DocKnow-powered OCR (optical character recognition), a browser-based student portal, and connectivity to Salesforce to build their all-new solution.

“What interested us in Onymos DocKnow is the ability to streamline and automate our processes as part of our digital transformation journey,” said Bharath Prabhakaran, Vice President and Chief Digital Officer at the University of Cincinnati. “Incorporating high-quality software and tools into our own applications enables a better experience for our staff and students.”

Digital transformation at UC with Onymos
Think differently

The App Dev Survey

What are the challenges facing digital transformers?

"No-data" digital transformation platform

Control your data

What is Onymos’ “no-data” architecture?

Learn more about digital transformation with Onymos

A recent McKinsey survey found that the vast majority of senior management reported attempting “large-scale” digital transformations but that few of these projects positively impacted revenue. McKinsey cited an overreliance on off-the-shelf software holding organizations back. Off-the-shelf software is typically difficult to customize and has a tendency to “lock” its users in.

That’s why Onymos does SaaS differently (and does what other top digital transformation platforms don’t). We license the source code for all of our software to our customers so they can customize it, and we don’t use interim servers or “Onymos-hosted” clouds — we put you in control of your data. We think it’s the best way for any organization to remain competitive and find long-term success.

Ford isn’t what most people think of when they think of a software company, but Jim Farley, CEO of Ford, is trying to change that — and he’s candid about his company’s mistakes. When he appeared on the popular Fully Charged podcast earlier this year, he explained, “We’ve farmed out the software modules that control the vehicles to our suppliers because we could bid them against each other […] the problem is the software is all written by 150 different companies, and they don’t talk to each other […] we can’t even understand it all. Even though it says ‘Ford’ on the front, I actually have to go to Bosch to get permission to change their seat control software.”

Ultimately, the premise behind Onymos and “no-data” architecture is simple, and it’s meant to address what Farley and so many others experience: What if you combined the best parts of in-house and outsourced development (customization and control) with the best parts of SaaS (speed and support)?

Users expect app features like social login, deep links, and secure chat. These features aren’t “unique.” Every app has some of them. Users might not notice them when they’re there, but not having them, or implementing them poorly, without usability and accessibility in mind, will definitely impact a user’s experience.

Imagine if, over the first weekend of a development project, rather than committing developers to build the basics, you were able to select the features and functions required from a suite of options. The standard elements that every app needs. A substantial portion of the MVP.

Rather than your team being mired in creating or recreating fundamental building blocks, they could immediately jump forward to more advanced capabilities.

That’s what the Onymos digital transformation platform offers. Now, your development team gets to focus on building the high-value functionality that differentiates you from your competitors, ensuring your customers get the experience they expect — and much more.

Leverage emerging technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AR), and the Internet of Things (IoT) when you’re building new products and services. These are all offering new ways to create value, enhance efficiency, and meet evolving customer expectations across sectors like healthcare, education, finance, retail, and transportation. 

The AR market, in particular, is growing faster than even AI, with an estimated compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of over 40%. To put that into perspective, a “high” CAGR is somewhere around 15%.

For an individual, we recommend they find and integrate digital tools like GitHub Copilot (for developers) or ChatGPT (for everyone) into their workflows. This will help ensure they’re at the forefront of a movement that will inevitably transform the world.

In addition to offering our platform itself, our team can actually help you build your next app or digital product, too.

A typical professional services engagement with Onymos might include a low-commitment pilot program, on-site visits, user testing, and close collaboration with your in-house experts (if you already have them). Because most of the software we use is pre-built, we’re almost always faster and more cost-effective than our competitors.

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