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Build smarter.
Not harder.

Your time is valuable. Why waste it (re)creating the scaffolding when you could be advancing bold new ideas? Plenty of plugins and code snippets can point you in the right direction. Onymos Features do more than point — they deliver working, end-to-end functionality. No map reading required.

All of the integrations you expect

Onymos Features are integrated with cloud services like Google Sign-In, APNs, and Amazon S3. That’s why we call them full stack — and that’s why they’re ready to use out of the box. No additional server-side setup. No developer dashboards. They’re just ready to work in your app.

Serverless, just like you’d build

Adding an interim server/data store isn’t part of your project specs, and it isn’t part of Onymos Features either. We connect your app directly to your existing cloud infrastructure with no data flowing through Onymos infrastructure, optimizing performance and minimizing security risk.

Work in what you know

Onymos Features are designed to integrate with your preferred framework, whether that’s Cordova, Native, Ionic, or React Native environments, or natively in iOS and Android.

Un-secret code

With access to our full source code, you can inspect (and customize) every line, ensuring transparency, trust, and security from the outset. Plus, we don’t use any open-source elements.

Accelerate your app dev

Off-the-shelf, full-stack Onymos Features are pre-built with all the bells, whistles, and back-end connectivity your project needs, unleashing your creativity from the start.

API documentation

Get to know each Onymos Feature and see what’s possible in our API docs.

Developer support

Find additional answers in our Developer Support Center, which includes quickstart guides.

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