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Why Should Developers Use the Onymos Component Library?

A functionality library

It turns out, developers really hate making buttons. Just ask Material UI (MUI), Ant Design, Tailwind CSS, Ionic, Bootstrap, or any of the other (and there are a lot of) successful UI component libraries out there. Each of them offers (at minimum) dozens of pre-designed core UI elements — like buttons. 

Objectively, it’s much harder to code just about anything else than it is to code a button. I could do it right now!

<input type="button" />

Okay! Maybe that’s an oversimplification… but not by much. 

Pictured above: A perfectly adequate button I made. Yet, developers often turn to (for example) MUI instead. It’s not that developers can’t make their own buttons. I just did. So — why?

Making developer enablement look good. Literally

Maybe it’s that there’s lots of annoying stuff you have to deal with if you make your own buttons. Not technically or programmatically hard stuff. Just annoying stuff. You might need to add a shadow (and get it just right), center icons, or incorporate subtle click effects. Maybe using these libraries is an extension of every software developer’s unofficial motto: Don’t repeat yourself. Duplicating all of this effort would be a waste.

I decided to ask a handful of software developers why they use UI component libraries. 

“They are very powerful for leveraging a consistent standard across large projects,” said one software engineer at Microsoft. “I think tech is all about selecting the right tool for the job.​”  

A Portland-based freelance web developer said, “They look good. They’re easy to use. I can focus on other things.”

When I asked him the elaborate on what sort of “other things” he could focus on, he said, “Things that haven’t already been built.” 

A functionality component library

Onymos Features-as-a-Service is a functionality component library for developers who want to focus on “things that haven’t already been built.” Onymos features are drop-in solutions for the app dev commodities like login, chat, and OCR — and designed to be as easy to implement and use as a MUI “building block” button, an ion-menu, or a Tailwind CSS website template. 

“We began working with Onymos to leverage its innovative Features-as-a-Service platform. It allowed our internal engineering team to accelerate our development and focus on engineering the business features, rather than reinventing the wheel and building all the basic feature requirements for our app. For instance, we were able to add a restaurant menu selection feature ahead of schedule because of all the time saved using Onymos Chat.”

– Manish Rathi, CEO of JoyRun (acquired by Walmart)

Use the Onymos set of components to rapidly increase your (or your team’s) velocity with enterprise-grade app features battle-tested by Fortune 100 software developers (and Fortune 100 customers).

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