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What Are the Benefits of “No-Data” Architecture?

Onymos no-data architecture

One of the advantages of using Onymos isn’t something we have. It’s something we don’t — your data. 

Most software platforms rely on an intermediary server. There are several reasons for this, from interim data manipulation to lazy development to a desire to stay in between you and your (and your customer’s) data. 

But at Onymos, we made a deliberate architectural choice to do it differently. We built our platform on a foundation of edge computing instead. There are important reasons this benefits companies and engineering teams serious about software development.

  1. Security — an interim server is literally a ‘man in the middle’ and another attack surface for threat actors
  2. Privacy — in today’s CCPA and GDPR world, transferring customer-specific data off of devices to an intermediary is one more place where your customer’s data can be exposed
  3. Performance — your data goes directly to your cloud, no stopping off, no delay

Why would Onymos take this approach? It’s part of our ethos. Just like you, we’re serious about software development. Would your team build an interim server to share your data if they didn’t have to? Exactly.

“Our ‘no-data’ architecture is the ultimate in data security and privacy. Not a bit or byte of our customers’ data flows through anything Onymos. The innovations we’ve built into our technology to support that make it a truly first-of-its-kind solution.”

– Shiva Nathan, Founder & CEO, Onymos

If you’re interested in learning more about our “no-data” architecture or how Onymos can help you build your next web, mobile, or IoT project, get in touch with our experts.

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