The easiest and fastest way to add customized login capabilities to your app. Select your preferred authentication methods in Onymos Access.


Customize your app’s login experience

Choose the login mechanism you and your users prefer, including email authentication, social media logins, or OAuth integration. With full front- and back-end support, you can quickly create a seamless, easy-to-manage, user-friendly login experience.

Versatile authentication

Choose from email and password-based authentication; social login with Apple, Facebook, and/or Google; or integration with your OAuth endpoint and/or leading OAuth providers. Onymos Access supports them all.

Full server-side support

Onymos sets up and manages all server-side configuration for social logins and email/password-based logins. No more poring over documentation or scrambling when providers change their setup.

User data normalization

All user profile attributes are normalized for easy usage within your app. For example, ‘givenName’ (Google), ‘first_name’ (Facebook), and ‘firstName’ (Apple) are all normalized into a single ‘firstName’ attribute.

OAuth 2.0 integration

Get the latest OAuth 2.0 support and integration with OAuth providers like Okta, PingID, and Azure Active Directory. Onymos seamlessly handles initial registration, token exchanges, token refreshes, and all related sign-in functionalities.

Everything you need for Access

The simplest, fastest way to add user authentication.

Match the look

Front-end configuration via standard HTML/CSS ensures the Access Feature fits seamlessly into your existing project.

Full stack

Unlike plugins or code snippets, each Onymos Feature is full stack, from the user interface to the cloud layer.

No looking back

Onymos supports the Feature at every stage. Updates are as simple as rebuilding with our newest object release.

function socialLogin (authProvider) {
    var accessObj = {
        authProvider: authProvider
        function loginSuccess (statusMessage) {
            // Optionally, call getAuth to get authData
            var authDataObject = OnymosAccess.getAuth();
        function loginFailure (error) {
} /* end function socialLogin */

What’s in Access?

User interface

Prebuilt support for:

  • Login with social auth providers
  • Sign up/sign in with email/password
  • Reset password
  • Change password
  • OAuth integration
Device-side functionality
Device-side functionality
  • Invocation of social auth providers’ login flow and UX flow for all scenarios
  • Secure transmission of email/ password credentials
  • Auto login with session maintenance
  • Seamless handling of refresh tokens
Server-side functionality
Server-side functionality
  • Complete server-side setup for Apple, Facebook, and Google logins (zero work required)
  • Complete server-side setup and maintenance for email/password login
  • Normalization of user authentication data across social providers, email/password, and
    leading OAuth providers
  • Storage of user authentication data and related analytics exposed through a uniform API

The Onymos advantage

touch to cloud icon
UI-to-cloud functionality

Every component comes fully functional — from the front-end user interface to back-end cloud connectivity. Just integrate and use.

serverless icon
Serverless architecture

Access connects directly to your cloud, not an interim server, helping speed up app performance.

open standards icon
Open standards-based

Innovate confidently with components built on open standards like HTML, CSS, and JS, as well as Java/Kotlin (Android) and Swift (iOS).

Related Features


Start building with Biometrics

Add Face ID or Touch ID in a snap with Onymos Biometrics. Easily adapt to the technology supported on a particular device and platform.

  • Easily support latest technologies
  • Single function across platforms, devices
  • Pre-determine device capabilities
  • Feature, capability-level authentication

Start building with Chat

Adding Chat to an app can be deceptively complex. With Onymos Chat, we provide the message management and connectivity and you make it shine.

  • Multi-cloud support for messaging, media
  • Tiered encryption
  • Enhanced functionality with other Onymos Features

Start building with Notification

Add notifications in a single function with Onymos Notification. The easiest and fastest way to keep users notified.

  • Includes notification server
  • Payload specific actions, routings
  • Support badges and banners
  • Full server-side support

Think differently about app development

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