Adding Chat to an app is deceptively complex. With Onymos Chat, we provide the message management and storage, and you make it shine.


The easiest way to add Chat

There’s more to Chat than meets the eye. Seasoned developers know that getting and putting messages is just the beginning. Constructing and managing entire conversations and the back-end data structures can make or break the experience. With Onymos, we’ve done it right, just for you.

Server side – configured.

Onymos handles all configuration required at any of the top cloud providers (AWS, Azure, or GCP). Don’t spend time trying to follow pages of documentation only to spend more time on maintenance when the cloud providers change their setup and/or API.

Multi-cloud – included.

Configure your Chat storage across multiple cloud providers. Your app can be configured to use one of the top cloud providers (AWS, Azure, or GCP) for the message, and a different provider for Media or attachment to the Chat message. (Why, you might ask? Media requires less dynamic storage whereas faster, more dynamic storage is often priced differently by provider).

Four levels of message encryption
  1. Device-specific encryption where only the sender and recipient devices can decrypt messages.
  2. User-specific encryption where only a particular user (on his/her devices) and recipients of a particular message can decrypt messages
  3. Users & super-user level encryption where only respective users of a chat and super-user (service admin or app developer) can decrypt messages
  4. Encryption only in transit and storage but messages are generally accessible to all app users
Other Onymos integrations

Using Onymos Access, it’s easy to integrate user authentication with Chat to provide an integrated solution.

Onymos Media integration makes it easy to add videos and photos to messages.

When Onymos Notification is included, recipients can be notified when a message is sent, and chat threads can be ‘badged’ with the number of unread messages.

Everything you need for Chat

The simplest, fastest way to add full-featured Chat to/from any app.

Match the look

Front-end configuration via standard HTML/CSS ensures the Chat Feature fits seamlessly into your existing project.

Full stack

Unlike plugins or code snippets, each Onymos Feature is full stack, from the user interface to the cloud layer.

No looking back

Onymos supports the Feature at every stage. Updates are as simple as rebuilding with our newest object release.

function getList(userId) {
        function getListSuccess (listOfChatsArray) {
            /* ------
                listOfChatsArray[] = { // Array of Chat summaries
                    sender: Sender object,
                    recipients: Array of Recipient objects,
                    messageContent: Last message content,
                    messageCreated: Last message creation time,
                    options: Last message optional data
                }; ------ */
        function getListFailure (error) {
} /* end function getList */

What’s in Chat?

User interface

Prebuilt support for:

  • Chat threads (list of chats) page
  • Individual Chat page
  • Chat compose page, including users search
  • Indicators for new message count per Chat thread
  • Infinite scroll with on-scroll load support for chat messages
Device-side functionality
Device-side functionality
  • Active listening for new Chat threads & individual Chats
  • 4 different levels of encryption per App developer setup
Server-side functionality
Server-side functionality
  • Support for top-3 cloud providers – AWS, Azure and GCP
  • Support for multi-cloud environments for Chat messages – messages in one cloud, media & attachment objects in another cloud
  • Support for group chats
  • Support for downloading configurable number of messages and subsequent downloads as required
  • Seamless integration with either Onymos Access component for user management or use of any other user management system
  • Support for media attachment or any JSON object attachment

The Onymos advantage

touch to cloud icon
UI-to-cloud functionality

Every component comes fully functional — from the front-end user interface to back-end cloud connectivity. Just integrate and use.

serverless icon
Serverless architecture

Chat connects directly to your cloud, not an interim server, helping speed up app performance.

open standards icon
Open standards-based

Innovate confidently with components built on open standards like HTML, CSS, and JS, as well as Java (Android) and Swift (iOS).

Related Features


Start building with Access

Allow users to securely log in to your app using your preferred sign-in methods, including email authentication, social media logins, or OAuth integration.

  • Complete email and password-based authentication
  • Social logins for Apple, Facebook, and Google out of the box
  • OAuth 2.0 support
  • Integration with leading third-party providers like Azure and Okta

Start building with Media

Managing images and videos in today’s mobile apps is time-consuming and thankless. Onymos Media is the toolkit to make it easy.

  • Full-service compression for photos, video
  • Consistency across devices, platforms
  • Supports live video and thumbnail generation
  • Service-side connectivity included

Start building with Notification

Add notifications in a single function with Onymos Notification. The easiest and fastest way to keep users notified.

  • Includes notification server
  • Payload specific actions, routings
  • Support badges and banners
  • Full server-side support

Think differently about app development

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