Managing your user’s contacts from their device’s address book can be tedious, particularly if the list is large. Onymos makes it easy.


Tools for contact management, done right.

With common manipulations included in the Onymos Contacts component, you never have to worry about contacts again.

Flexible filtering

The Onymos Contacts component provides a wide variety of controls to filter contacts. Some examples include a) Contacts with email addresses, b) Contacts with phone numbers, c) Contacts with profile photos, d) Contacts with First name beginning with, e) Contacts with Last name beginning with and a combination of these filters.

Only pull what’s required

Contacts provides you controls to retrieve only a listed set of attributes as specified. This improves search, retrieval, memory footprint, and performance in your app. For example, if your app does not have a need to display profile photos, you can set the attributes to not load up the contacts’ profile photos into memory, significantly improving search and retrieval times.

Infinite, bi-directional scrolling

Contacts intelligently loads Contacts in blocks of records. As the user scrolls down (or up) through the list, the component pre-fetches additional data seamlessly. Plus it can remove older data record blocks if memory gets tight or if the user is a super-scroller. All within the developer’s control, but without the developer having to build it.

Test to 22,000+

Are your customers popular? 22,000 contacts popular? Many tools and plugins work great on 100 names, but 1,000? 10,000? 22,000? Onymos has built-in the intelligence needed to manage data pulls and in-memory manipulations to keep your app (and our component) from locking up when the going gets tough.

Contact management made easy

The simplest, fastest way to add an address book or incorporate contacts.

Match the look

Front-end configuration via standard HTML/CSS ensures the Contacts Feature fits seamlessly into your existing project.

Full stack

Unlike plugins or code snippets, each Onymos Feature is full stack, from the user interface to the cloud layer.

No looking back

Onymos supports the Feature at every stage. Updates are as simple as rebuilding with our newest object release.

function getContactsList() {
        function getContactsListSuccess (listOfContactsArray) {
            /* ------
                listOfContactsArray[] = {
                   // Array of Contacts
                   // Fields as requested in options.displayFields
                }; ------ */
        function getContactsListFailure (error) {
} /* end function getContactsList */

What’s in Contacts?

User interface

Prebuilt support for:

  • List of Contacts page, including Contact search fields
  • Individual Contact page
  • Infinite scroll with on-scroll load support for Contacts
Device-side functionality
Device-side functionality
  • Powerful filters based on variety of Contact attributes (with email, with phone, with email & phone, with profile picture, etc.,)
  • Logic to retrieve only required set of fields from the Contacts improving Performance
  • Support for on-scroll load in both directions
  • Tested with 22,000+ contacts
Server-side functionality
Server-side functionality


The Onymos advantage

touch to cloud icon
UI-to-cloud functionality

Every component comes fully functional — from the front-end user interface to back-end cloud connectivity. Just integrate and use.

serverless icon
Serverless architecture

Contacts connects directly to your cloud, not an interim server, helping speed up app performance.

open standards icon
Open standards-based

Innovate confidently with components built on open standards like HTML, CSS, and JS, as well as Java (Android) and Swift (iOS).

Related Features


Start building with Media

Managing images and videos in today’s mobile apps is time-consuming and thankless. Onymos Media is the toolkit to make it easy.

  • Full-service compression for photos, video
  • Consistency across devices, platforms
  • Supports live video and thumbnail generation
  • Service-side connectivity included

Start building with DataStore

Full-stack features need full-stack tools for securely getting/putting data. Onymos DataStore connects your app to the cloud.

  • Progress tracking, transport resiliency
  • Normalization of data formats
  • Fully encrypted, secure transport
  • Full server-side support

Start building with Location

Location services are more than lat/long, they’re tools for translating addresses and geo-locations, for building fences and notifying movements, all with superior battery performance.

  • Power-optimized GPS services
  • Full server-side implementation
  • Unlimited geofence locations
  • Granulate distances around fences

Think differently about app development

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