The fastest and most secure way to implement a payments and in-app purchases feature for your app

  • Supports credit/debit card and ACH transactions
  • Get enterprise-grade security with industry-leading security practices 
  • Processed through PCI Level 1 certified providers

The easiest way to accept payments or send payouts

You can customize it, choose from multiple payment options, and stop worrying about the constant updates. Onymos Payments helps you address the challenges of building a safe and highly secure payments feature for your app — by letting you skip them.

Launch 12x faster

Focus on your product, not how your customers pay for it. Using Onymos Payments can help you reduce technical debt and save months of dev time.

One feature, multiple integrations

Whether it’s Apple Pay, Google Pay, Stripe, PayPal, credit cards, ACH transactions — Onymos Payments supports it all 

Never compromise on security

Leverage enterprise-grade security standards. Companies like Albertsons and CVS trust Onymos to protect their users’ data.

Your code, your way

Get complete access to our fully-customizable, licensed source code, giving you the trust and security that comes from a verifiable code stack.

Everything you need for Payments

You never have to build a complete payment system from scratch again.

Easy to use

Simple, intuitive function arguments like “Stripe” identify the selected platform — Onymos Payments takes it from there, abstracting all the hard work of connectivity and integration.

It’s not our data

Enterprises like Albertsons and CVS trust Onymos to keep their customers’ data secure. Onymos Payments doesn’t capture or store any financial data.

No looking back

Onymos Payments is a code library for your app, built like your developers would build it if they had weeks or months. Quarterly updates ensure every integration is fresh and leveraging the latest functionality.

What does Payments look like in your app?

Use functions like payout(), registerAccount(), and more.

sendPayout() {
	OnymosPayment.payout(userId, paymentObject)
		.then((success) => {
		.catch((error) => {

What’s in the Payments Feature?

User interface


Device-side functionality
Device-side functionality
  • Register accounts with — and subscribe to — the most popular payment gateway platforms and services
  • App owners can perform “payouts” for commissions and to reward their users with gifts or special offers
  • Make in-app purchases within Apple App Store or Google Play Store for digital goods and services
  • Use PayPal and Stripe to purchase real-world products
Server-side functionality
Server-side functionality
  • Fully integrated third-party services (Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, and Stripe)
  • We support the configuration of your accounts with these services every step of the way.
  • Normalization of APIs across these services (registration, subscriptions, payouts, and payments)

The Onymos advantage

touch to cloud icon
UI-to-cloud functionality

Every Onymos Feature comes fully functional — from the front-end user interface to back-end cloud connectivity. Just integrate and use.

serverless icon
Serverless architecture

Onymos Features connect directly to your cloud, not an interim server, helping speed up app performance.

open standards icon
Open standards-based

Innovate confidently with Onymos Features that are built on open standards like HTML, CSS, and JS, as well as Java/Kotlin (Android) and Swift (iOS).

Related Features


Start building with Access

Allow users to securely log in to your app using your preferred sign-in methods, including email authentication, social media logins, or OAuth integration.

  • Complete email and password-based authentication
  • Social logins for Apple, Facebook, and Google out of the box
  • OAuth 2.0 support
  • Integration with leading third-party providers like Azure and Okta

Start building with Notification

Add notifications in a single function with Onymos Notification. The easiest and fastest way to keep users notified.

  • Includes notification server
  • Payload specific actions, routings
  • Support badges and banners
  • Full server-side support

Start building with Chat

Adding Chat to an app can be deceptively complex. With Onymos Chat, we provide the message management and connectivity and you make it shine.

  • Multi-cloud support for messaging, media
  • Tiered encryption
  • Enhanced functionality with other Onymos Features

Think differently about app development

Download our free white paper today to learn how Onymos Features can maximize the value of your developer resources — and shave weeks or months off your development timeline.

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