Add Face ID or Touch ID in a snap with Onymos Biometrics. Easily adapt to the supported technologies of a particular device and platform.


Keep current with the latest authentication mechanisms

Add additional biometric authentication capabilities supported by the devices your customers use.

A single function does it all

The Biometrics Feature automatically uses the appropriate biometric authentication capability available in a user’s device. No special coding required for Touch ID versus Face ID versus basic device credential.

Pre-determine device capabilities

Prior to actual invocation, Biometrics determines whether the device supports biometric authentication, what biometric authentication type (Touch ID or Face ID) the device supports, and whether the app has the permissions to execute it.


Onymos Biometrics can be used as the primary mechanism to authenticate into your app. After an initial authentication using a different access mechanism (say social login, email/password, or OAuth-based service) your user can be prompted to set up a biometric mechanism. After such a biometric setup, subsequent authentications can be done just with biometrics, reducing authentication friction and increasing authentication speed.

Enhanced Authorization

Onymos Biometrics can be used as a mechanism to authorize your user to specific sections of the app or functions within an app. When your user requires authorization to a specific section of the app or a specific function (say purchase page or make a purchase) the user can be challenged with biometrics and prompted to provide authorization.

Everything you need for Biometrics

The simplest, fastest way to add user Biometrics authentication and authorization to your app.

Match the look

Front-end configuration via standard HTML/CSS ensures the Biometrics Feature fits seamlessly into your existing project.

Full stack

Unlike plugins or code snippets, each Onymos Feature is full stack, from the user interface to the cloud layer.

No looking back

Onymos supports the Feature at every stage. Updates are as simple as rebuilding with our newest object release.

function isAvailable () {
        function isAvailableSuccess (bioAvailable, bioTypeObj) {
            /* ------
            ------ */
        function isAvailableFailure (error) {
} /* end function isAvailable */

What’s in Biometrics?

User interface

Pre-built support for:

  • Biometric based authentication, based on Device support
  • (Optional) Device credential backup option
  • Complete UI source-code to customize and extend the screens
Device-side functionality
Device-side functionality
  • Automatically enable Touch ID or Face ID when supported on device
  • Option to revert to device credential when user does not complete Touch Id or Face ID
  • If (or when) devices add a new type, we’ll support that too

The Onymos advantage

touch to cloud icon
UI-to-cloud functionality

Every component comes fully functional — from the front-end user interface to back-end cloud connectivity. Just integrate and use.

serverless icon
Serverless architecture

Access connects directly to your cloud, not an interim server, helping speed up app performance.

open standards icon
Open standards-based

Innovate confidently with components built on open standards like HTML, CSS, and JS, as well as Java/Kotlin (Android) and Swift (iOS).

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Think differently about app development

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