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DIY vs Onymos Access

One of the best ways to understand how Features-as-a-Service from Onymos can help software engineers build apps faster is by understanding how they build apps without it. Let’s take a look at how software engineers usually build their login features.

Onymos Access vs DIY

Onymos Changes the Way Enterprises Build Apps

When our enterprise customers use Onymos Features like Access, they get their apps to production faster and their software engineering talent innovates more. Read our case studies to see how companies like Albertsons, Sherpa Digital Media, and Walmart leverage Features-as-a-Service.

“Partnering with Onymos allowed us to easily extend our reach to developers who are less familiar with building native mobile apps, but are well versed in standards-based web technologies. By working with Onymos to integrate’s capabilities and providing developers with a flexible and easy to use platform, we’ve been able to make available more privacy-preserving apps for individuals to choose from. […] Onymos Features-as-a-Service is an amazing platform and a great choice for developers and companies wanting to create apps to get the most out of personal data without sacrificing privacy or security.”

-Tarik Kurspahic, CTO of

Think differently about app development

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