How Does
DocID work?

DocID is delivered to your team as a front-end code library that they can interact with through a simple API.

It uses local machine learning to validate your documents. That means sensitive data and images stay where they belong — in your app, on your users’ devices.

Using DocID

Designed to keep it simple

We’ve abstracted away all of the complexity and time-consuming model training and left your team with just two intuitive, powerful functions that can do it all.


Getting started with DocID is easy. Just add the code library to the root of your application and initialize it with your Onymos credentials. From there, all your developers need to do is invoke the OnymosDocID.analyze() function.

DocID’s minimum confidence threshold to positively identify any document is .7 (between 0 and 1) and can be customized.

analyzeDocument() {
      (results) => {
         /* ------
            results = {
               modelID: Model ID used for document identification,
               documentName: Name of the document associated with the model ID,
               confidenceThresh: Minimum level of confidence for DocKnow to identify the document,
               confidenceLevel: DocID's level of confidence that the analyzed document is a match,
               isDocument: Boolean value that returns true if the confidenceLevel meets or exceeds the confidenceThresh,
               processTime: Time elapsed during analysis
         ------ */
      (error) => {
viewDocumentModels() {
      (list) => {
         /* ------
            list = [{
               documentName: Name of the document associated with the model ID,
               modelID: Model ID used for document identification,
               modelVersion: Version of the model,
               timeUpdated: Time since the model was last updated
         ------ */
      (error) => {


Use OnymosDocID.listModels() to get information about the document models available to your developers. They’ll use a given document’s modelID as part of OnymosDocID.analyze().

When you need to validate a new kind of document (or update an old one), Onymos engineers will train the models for you — that’s the “Service” in Features-as-a-Service.

Try DocID’s Covid-19 card demo

DocID can analyze and verify receipts, invoices, identification cards, and more. Below, you can validate Covid-19 cards. Notice DocID can identify these cards (and any document) irrespective of camera angles, backgrounds, and lighting — but it will invalidate documents that are not completely visible.

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