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Onymos Inc.721 Colorado AvePalo Alto, CA. 94303www.onymos.com Enterprise Mobile Development Teams Meet Their Deadlines with New Components   The latest release of Onymos Fabric includes new building blocks to get apps to market faster.  Palo Alto, California,  June 25, 2020  –  Continuing its mission to help mobile application development teams meet their deadlines, Onymos released a […]

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Ionic’s library of design components is already perfect for building attractive, cross-platform UIs. So what if you could get a functionality library to go with it? That’s Onymos. Our Features-as-a-Service platform has over a dozen core app features like login, chat, and OCR that are as easy to add to any Ionic app as it […]

At Onymos, we pride ourselves on the completeness of the Features we provide. You can use them figuratively “out of the box.”  But describing software as out of the box sounds very 1990s, when software did come in boxes… on CDs… “Touch-to-Cloud” is the phrase we use to describe the complete, end-to-end nature of all Onymos […]

With images often accounting for most of the bandwidth between an app and backend services, finding a way to minimize the transmitted/received bytes for each image can tremendously improve the overall user experience. Image optimization is both an art and science: an art because there is no one definitive answer for how best to compress […]

Fabric 2

I am thrilled to announce the release of the latest version of Onymos Fabric. A year’s worth of research and development has gone into this release to delight enterprise mobile development teams. We can state unequivocally that Onymos Fabric 2 is the fastest approach for an enterprise to create a mobile app. Plus, Onymos Fabric […]

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