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Onymos Fabric 2 Released

Fabric 2

I am thrilled to announce the release of the latest version of Onymos Fabric. A year’s worth of research and development has gone into this release to delight enterprise mobile development teams.

We can state unequivocally that Onymos Fabric 2 is the fastest approach for an enterprise to create a mobile app. Plus, Onymos Fabric 2 comes with the added benefits of “continuous updates” that keeps an enterprise app refreshed to the latest iOS, Android releases, new devices, and updates of other technologies and services that the mobile app relies on.

Let me start with what we are thrilled about in this release.

Depth of Innovation

Onymos Fabric 2 is packed with innovative advances that empower you, our customers, to build even more amazing apps. Starting with our newer components like Augmented Reality, Deep Linking, and Geo, our components go beyond what today’s market currently offers.

New Components:

  • Augmented Reality: Several innovations around how physics is handled in the interactions between the user, real-life surfaces, edges, corners, and the different virtual objects placed into the augmented scene
  • Geo: Pushes the limit in terms of providing control to the app creator to balance between battery usage and how often a user’s location is polled

New features in current Components:

  • Latest FaceId features in iOS 12 in Biometrics component
  • High-resolution photos and videos capabilities; including live photos on iOS devices and seamless compression of photos per the app creator’s requirements in the Media component

Breadth of Components

Simply put, the vast majority of our customers have everything they need to create amazing mobile apps — there’s no need to assemble additional tools and/or technologies. Onymos Fabric 2 now offers the most comprehensive coverage of component functionality (more than a dozen components) and addresses the needs of almost every mobile app creator.

What this means for enterprises is that they can focus all of their development resources on creating the business logic of their applications. All of the basic functions required by any cutting-edge enterprise mobile app are handled by Onymos Fabric 2, freeing enterprise development time to focus on adding features that will delight and empower their intended users.

Better still, our components are designed to easily integrate with one another. This allows for incredibly easy to build powerful enterprise apps using Onymos Fabric 2. For example, a user can capture a video of their interaction in an Augmented Reality scene, seamlessly compress that video, and share it with other users in the app (authenticated via the enterprise’s OAuth integration).

Get Started

Contact us today, and we can show you the power of Onymos Fabric and how you can quickly create your mobile app and get to market in days/weeks instead of weeks/months. Plus, your team spends all of its time in just your business logic and never have to worry about the basic functionalities.

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