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Press Release: Onymos Fabric 3

Fabric 3

Onymos Inc.
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Enterprise Mobile Development Teams Meet Their Deadlines with New Components  

The latest release of Onymos Fabric includes new building blocks to get apps to market faster. 

Palo Alto, California,  June 25, 2020  –  Continuing its mission to help mobile application development teams meet their deadlines, Onymos released a significant update today to its Fabric product.

Onymos has added seven new building block Components to its Fabric, including Analytics, Bluetooth, DeepLink, InApp Purchase, Media+, Retailer, and Share.  These join the existing ten components to dramatically expand the benefit enterprise developers can gain from including Onymos “touch-to-cloud” functionality into their apps.

The Fabric also includes a build framework tailored to the enterprise’s existing environment, including support for Ionic, Cordova, and React Native.  The Fabric also supports native Java and Swift development environments.

“Onymos continues to ease the burden of mobile app development with extremely easy-to-use fabric components,” said Stefan Einarsson, CTO of RetinaRisk.  “We worked closely with them to include expanded capabilities into this new release to meet new requirements for shopping and in-app purchasing.”

As enterprises evolve to a Mobile-First model, the ability to purchase goods and services via their app is crucial.    Beyond its existing Payments Component, Onymos has added two more Components related to commerce:

InApp Purchase:

  • Provide a mechanism for your application users to purchase consumable and non-consumable goods as well as set up recurring and non-recurring subscriptions, with:
    • Simple setup of purchasable content via configuration parameters.
    • Ability to extend subscription periods with changes in subscription terms.


  • Offer your  application users up-to-date inventory of top US retailers and associated inventory management, with:
    • Ability to unify object models from disparate retailer data sources.
    • Tracking of product views and purchases.

“Onymos remains committed to its mission of enabling enterprise mobile teams to create complex apps to meet their deadlines.  By providing fully complete “touch-to-cloud” components loaded with features that delight end-users, companies that have embraced the Fabric get to market faster and enjoy higher end-user satisfaction,” commented Shiva Nathan, Founder & CEO of Onymos.

For more information about Onymos and how the Onymos Fabric can help you meet your mobile development deadlines, please visit www.onymos.com.

Onymos Contact:

Steve Shaw
Vice President
(844) 4-ONYMOS
s.shaw at onymos.com

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