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Onymos at DeveloperWeek


DeveloperWeek is the world’s largest developer and engineering expo, covering everything from APIs and microservices to AI and IoT.

That’s why we’re attending! 

“Developers rule the world, and their capital is the SF Bay Area,” said Onymos Founder and CEO Shiva Nathan, “If you are in a tech career, running a tech company, or just passionate about technology, then you should be looking forward to DeveloperWeek in Oakland this month.” 

Get your pass for DeveloperWeek

DeveloperWeek kicked off in 2012, and it’s been growing ever since. Over 8,000 developers, tech leaders, and entrepreneurs are expected to attend this year. 

Join them in person or virtually to catch open talks like Pro-Code vs. Low-Code/No-Code in 2023, participate in workshops, and meet… us! We’ll be at booth #315 inside the Oakland Convention Center February 15-17. Find us, and claim your 30-day free trial of DocEnhance, our ML-powered RESTful service for dramatically improving the image quality of scanned or photographed documents. 

Can’t make it? No problem! Our virtual booth is online the following week, February 21-23. 

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