The essential app for implementing the AAMC Core EPAs

Join the medical schools and teaching hospitals using Med EPA to practice, track, and review the 13 Core Entrustable Professional Activities for Entering Residency (AAMC Core EPAs).

More than the AAMC Core EPAs

The solution for digital transformers

Med EPA was built from the ground up in collaboration with doctors and hospital administrators to address the challenges they face implementing EPAs.

Assigning roles in Med EPA
Manage and coordinate

Med EPA includes four distinct user roles. Administrators can add users and assign these roles, while coordinators are responsible for managing rotations and placing learners with faculty and staff.

Reviewing learners' progress with Med EPA
Score and review

Faculty and staff use Med EPA to review a learner’s performance across some or all of the AAMC’s 13 Core EPAs and then track their progress over time. Learners can also review their scores over multiple rotations.

Customize the app

Support for the ACGME and ACPE EPAs (and more)

The 13 Core AAMC EPAs are widely recognized — but they’re not the only set of EPAs used for medical education and training. Med EPA can be customized to support the EPAs your institutions wants to use, like the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) and the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE) EPAs.


Data security

We have no access to your sensitive data

Onymos products are built using a “no-data” architecture model. That means unlike traditional SaaS products and services, our software is built to run in your infrastructure, not ours — so we don’t see, let alone access, any of your PHI or PII data. It eliminates the risk of vendor compromise and protects your institution against cyberattacks.

Med EPA uses "no-data" architecture.

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Start using EPAs with Med EPA
  • 4 distinct user roles
    • Administrator
    • Coordinator
    • Faculty
    • Learner
  • Manage rotations
  • Assess learners in the app
  • Track learners’ progress over time
  • Implement the EPAs your org wants to use

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