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Case Study – Vapotherm

Onymos and Vapotherm

In 2023, Vapotherm, the innovative medical device manufacturer, partnered with Onymos to help them deliver the next next-generation respiratory care experience to hospital patients.

When Vapotherm initially connected with Onymos, their HVT 2.0 device was already dramatically improving the quality of patient care using its mask-free and integrated air source technology. The only hitch? Patient and device data were “stuck” bedside. They needed to take HVT 2.0 online.


Building this fully-fledged IoT system wouldn’t just be a matter of speed and cost — safety and security were Vapotherm’s highest priorities. This IoT-powered version of HVT 2.0 wouldn’t be any ordinary “thing” on the Internet of Things. Not only would it be transmitting sensitive data from inside hospitals, but it would also be actively administering ventilatory support to patients.

With all that in mind, why did Vapotherm choose Onymos as their software technology partner?

  • Onymos software’s “no-data” architecture connects directly to Vapotherm’s cloud, ensuring Onymos itself has no access to the system’s data and eliminating the risk of vendor compromise.
  • Onymos licenses its actual source code, ensuring Vapotherm can verify its quality, customize it if necessary, and react independently in the event of an emergency.

Additionally, while other service providers and software vendors estimated the project would take as long as 9 months to complete, Onymos offered a dramatically different timeline — just 8 weeks.


Vapotherm utilized several of Onymos’ pre-built software components to rapidly construct their IoT system, which included a user portal for remote monitoring and management.

  • Vapotherm uses Onymos Edge, a communication gateway leveraging MQTT and TLS certificate-based security, for data transmission.
  • Onymos DataStore facilitates secure cloud connectivity to Vapotherm’s own cloud infrastructure.
  • Finally, Onymos Access enables OAuth 2.0 authentication as part of the solution’s user portal. From this “digital control center,” engineers and administrators can control device settings, visualize data, and more.

With support from the Onymos team, Vapotherm was testing their new IoT system in hospitals… in just 8 weeks.

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