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Who Can You Trust?

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It’s getting harder and harder to trust all of the software we use to build our software. There’s the shadow IT in enterprises and the malicious code hiding in open source. Providers deprecate critical services and “security incidents” are a regular occurence. Cloud costs are rising and vendor lock-in is keeping everyone stuck in place.

It all begs the question — who can you trust?

When your software relies on plugins or services from third parties, you’re taking on risk you can only ever try to mitigate, not resolve. 

You could create all of your code and infrastructure in-house instead, but that would leave your software engineers in a precarious position. Business demands and requirements are virtually endless (there’s always something else to add, include, or improve) but budgets and development resources aren’t.

That’s all something Shiva Nathan struggled with before he founded Onymos: “I considered if I, the head of platforms and services engineering at a Fortune 500 company, would stake any of my company’s applications on software components from another company? The answer was, ‘No.’ When I dug deep into my reasoning, it boiled down to just one thing — trust. I trust my own engineers’ work more than any other company. I can see the software code my team creates; I can test it, verify it. To get to that same level of trust as if my own engineers’ developed it, I need the source code. And that’s why our software is delivered as source code.”

And that’s why we’re Onymos — we’re the opposite of anonymous (and the opposite of vendor lock-in). We’re the only company that provides 100% licensed source code for all of its software.

Verify it, trust it, customize it, own it.

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