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Next Steps In Custom Application Development For Businesses

Custom application development

App development leaders across the U.S. are expressing disappointment with application development due to increasing workloads and time constraints.

The pressure is on for companies to innovate, differentiate themselves, and provide more custom software that will supply real value for end-users. Compared to low-code/no-code, custom app development is the process of designing software solutions that meet specific, complex needs, rather than being one-size-fits-all. 

The problem is, developers just don’t have the time — because they’re spending all of it on maintaining existing software applications and business processes.

“The Innovation Problem”

Onymos’ 2023 Application Development Survey results show the majority of software development leaders believe the workload for updating apps is rising year-over-year. Almost 70% of them are dissatisfied with the amount of time their in-house teams have for innovation. Nearly one-third say their teams spend half of their time just maintaining existing app features. They also reported issues with development timelines and the amount of time their developers spend on routine activities that are common across the space.

Almost 30% of leaders say their development team takes 4-6 months to create custom applications for specific needs. Another 28% say that it takes more than 6 months for developers to build apps.

If businesses can’t find a way to help their teams build apps more efficiently, they will keep struggling to truly innovate.

How does the industry fix it?

There are some possible solutions already out there. Companies can cultivate their own citizen developers or experiment with AI-powered application development platforms. These can potentially give teams the breathing room they need to think of their next breakthrough.

And as the first Feature-as-a-Service platform, Onymos has developed a new, pro-code way for enterprise teams to innovate.

“Onymos Features-as-a-Service is a functionality component library for developers who want to focus on ‘things that haven’t already been built.’ Onymos features are drop-in solutions for the app dev commodities like login, chat, and OCR — and designed to be as easy to implement and use as a MUI ‘building block’ button, an ion-menu, or a Tailwind CSS website template.”

– “Why Should Developers Use the Onymos Component Library?

Designing and developing a custom application with Onymos allows businesses to use their most valuable resources (their developers themselves) for new ideas and products. We’re already trusted by top brands like Walmart, CVS, and Albertsons.

Get in touch with us to learn how we can help you minimize app maintenance, limit technical debt, and unlock your team’s creative potential.

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