Think Differently About App Development


The Developer Coefficient

Two years ago, Harris Polls and Stripe published The Developer Coefficient. The study surveyed thousands of C-level executives and developers across six countries and found that businesses need to better leverage their existing software engineering talent if they want to move faster, build new products, and tap into new and emerging markets.

This study affirms the investment thesis of Onymos.

Focus your most valuable resources to work on the most impactful things, and outsource the software development basics to Onymos.

The study continues by highlighting “…developers working on the right things can accelerate a company’s move into new markets or product areas and help companies differentiate themselves at disproportionate rates.”

Onymos, founded by software industry veteran Shiva Nathan, set out to address the inefficiencies he experienced in more than two decades of app development. He witnessed the financial and market impact of software engineers forced to work on low-value, low return functionality.

The “right things” for engineering teams and businesses to invest in is unique business value and functionality that creates competitive advantages.

The wrong things? Re-creating a basic feature or capability that offers limited differentiation, or time lost keeping objects and modules up to date with the never-ending flow of updates.  The report details them all.

Onymos wants you to think differently about app development and how developer resources are deployed and engaged.

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Steve Shaw is the vice president of Sales and Marketing for Onymos, leading the go-to-market charge.

Think differently about app development

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