Case Study – TIVVIT

Onymos and Tivvit

No stranger to the affiliate space, Jenny Cipoletti, the fashion blogger behind Margo & Me, was used to earning off what she was wearing and sharing, fielding endless requests from followers and friends asking for personal shopping advice. As a fashion industry vet and influencer, she recognized a key element of social shopping was missing. She saw an opportunity to create a platform where peer-to-peer requests and personalized recommendations could be made and monetized.


TIVVIT required tight creative and functional control, but with a minimal budget and rapid development.  Blending of Social and Retail shopping was at the heart of TIVVIT, so the ability to use off-the-shelf Components was ideal.  A dedicated developer could easily customize the Onymos Fabric components and manage the complex and seamless integration of the two functions.


“The Onymos Fabric enabled us to cut our development time by more than 60%.”  In this market, the ability to react and adapt quickly to trends is critical.  Having the full source code stack for the Fabric Components ensured our developer could make changes in hours and minutes.  “I can’t recommend Onymos enough as a foundation for building mobile apps.”


Onymos Components Used:

Jenny Cipoletti
Founder, TIVVIT

“TIVVIT is an inclusive platform where fashion lovers share style suggestions.  Onymos’ variety of Social and Retail components have created a great experience for our users and kept the app fresh and current.“

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