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Case Study – RetinaRisk

RetinaRisk app

There’s a causal link between high blood pressure and retinal damage that leads to vision problems. Dr. Einar Stefansson, a leading physician in the field of diabetic eye disease and diabetic screening, saw the need to provide healthcare professionals with an accurate and convenient tool to evaluate the individual risk for sight-threatening retinopathy based on a patient’s clinical state.

“We found a development team but the timeframe and costs they quoted were out of line with our needs. By using Onymos Features, we were able to get to market within one month and leapfrog the competition,” said Dr. Stefansson. Today, RetinaRisk is the #1 app for diabetic retinopathy.

“[…] Vision loss due to diabetes can be prevented in 90% of cases with early detection, timely treatment and preventive lifestyle changes. RetinaRisk can play an instrumental role in early detection by calculating the risk of diabetic eye disease and allowing users to understand which are the key underlying risk factors and which lifestyle changes can lower the risk.”

Dr. Einar Stefansson MD, PhD.
Founder, RetinaRisk

“Time to market was extremely important to us. Onymos delivered, allowing us to leapfrog the competition and be the first organization in our medical space with a mobile app.”

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