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Serverless: Use your own cloud data store or Onymos Hosting

Onymos prides itself on building software components like you would build them – built by developers for developers.  

One of the important tenants of the Onymos system is to be Serverless.  Nothing gets in the way of your app’s data and your Cloud. If you’re using the Onymos Media or Chat components, you have a choice – use Onymos Hosting included in the free version of the product or your own cloud data storage. 

We’ve been getting questions from developers on where and how to make these setting changes:

Whenever you use Onymos components, you need to initialize them with an Onymos Connect Object. You can add additional parameters here to configure it to point to your own database.

onymosConnectObj = {
    customerId : '', // Provided by Onymos
    envType : '',
    onymosAuthToken : '' // Provided by Onymos
    // If using Onymos Hosting, use keys provided by Onymos.
    // For your own Hosting on AWS S3, set the next 4 parameters
    awsAccessKey : '', // Provided with Onymos Hosting, or use your own
    awsSecretKey : '', // Provided with Onymos Hosting, or use your own 
    // If you are using your own AWS hosting, provide the bucket/folder for data-store
    // AWS support available only for buckets created in 'US Standard' region
    // No trailing slash after folder
    awsBucketFolder : '' // Not required for Onymos Hosting

This example is for AWS, but Onymos supports your GCP or Azure cloud environments too.

If you have any dev related questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to customersuccess@onymos.com – we’re available around the clock to answer your questions.

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