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How Easy Is It to Add Onymos to Ionic

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Ionic’s library of design components is already perfect for building attractive, cross-platform UIs. So what if you could get a functionality library to go with it? That’s Onymos. Our Features-as-a-Service platform has over a dozen core app features like login, chat, and OCR that are as easy to add to any Ionic app as it is to add an ion-button.

Want to make your Ionic mobile app an Onymos app? It’s easy. Don’t believe me? See for yourself. 

Create an Ionic Cordova app by running the following command in your terminal:

ionic start

Select your custom settings, then make it an Android and iOS app too. 

ionic cordova platform add ios
ionic cordova platform add android

Everything’s been standard so far. Now let’s add the app feature from Onymos you want to use. For this example, let’s choose Notification. Firstly, take your Onymos Notification and Initialize code libraries you received and add them to a folder at the root of your application. You can call the folder whatever you want, but let’s call it “onymos_components” for now.

ionic cordova plugin add onymos_components/onymos-component-initialize
ionic cordova plugin add onymos_components/onymos-component-notification

You use Onymos Initialize to authenticate your Onymos credentials when the app starts up using its initialize() function. 

After that… you’re done! No complex back-end configurations. No additional setup or hidden steps. Now, you can declare Onymos Notification as a variable in any file where you want to use and invoke its functionality via the simple API. 

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