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Press Release: Onymos Partners with the University of Cincinnati to Develop Innovative Document Conversion and Data Validation Tool

University of Cincinnati and Onymos

With Onymos, the University can now quickly and securely scan and enter data from its student body, which is comprised of nearly 50,000 thousand students, through a simple and secure application

SAN FRANCISCO, October 19, 2023 – Onymos, developer of the world’s first Features-as-a-Service platform, today announced its newest customer, the University of Cincinnati. The goal of this partnership was to enable the University of Cincinnati to create an innovative new tool that will enable the rapid, accurate, and secure conversion, validation, and entry of healthcare data from thousands of students. This will ultimately provide the university’s healthcare staff with even more time to focus on student health and wellness rather than paperwork.

In recent years, studies have reported that physicians spend at least 35 percent of their time documenting patient data, while nurses spend around 10 percent of their time on the same activity. Additionally, manual data entry is known to generate errors that can go unnoticed in healthcare data and record systems.

“We currently have nearly 50,000 students across 14 colleges, and many of those students are just starting their freshman year,” said Josette Riep, Assistant Vice President of Integrated Data, Engineering & Application Services at the University of Cincinnati. “We were able to develop an application in Salesforce to manage the process more efficiently. Onymos DocKnow was a key component of the system by providing the ability to OCR and conduct an initial tier of validation.”

Through the Onymos Features-as-a-Service platform, the University of Cincinnati accessed Onymos’ DocKnow Feature in combination with an enterprise implementation of Salesforce to build an innovative application that facilitates the secure, precise, and expedited conversion, validation, and input of student healthcare information in 8-12 seconds. The application leverages DocKnow’s machine learning-powered optical character recognition (OCR) functionality to scan and digitize document data — which includes immunization forms — straight from a smartphone.

“What interested us in Onymos DocKnow is the ability to streamline and automate our processes as part of our digital transformation journey,” said Bharath Prabhakaran, Vice President and Chief Digital Officer at the University of Cincinnati. “Incorporating high-quality software and tools into our own applications enables a better experience for our staff and students.”

“We specifically created our DocKnow Feature to meet the exact data transcription, validation and entry needs of higher education institutions and healthcare entities. Today, these organizations require technologies that will not only enable them to accelerate these processes but to ensure they are accurate and secure,” said Shiva Nathan, Founder and CEO of Onymos. “We are honored to have the opportunity to work with the University of Cincinnati to develop their application through our Features-as-a-Service platform.”

The Onymos Features-as-a-Service platform is a pro-code platform that enables companies and organizations — such as education institutions, retailers, and medical device manufacturers — to achieve unmatched speed, quality, and value in their web, mobile, and IoT application development and innovation. It has over 20 foundational app features, including DocKnow, Login, Edge, Notifications, and more. These features can be easily added to new or existing applications and include security, multiple framework support, assistance with compliance requirements, the underlying logic that runs on the device, the server-side functions and integrations that process and store data in the cloud, and continuous updates.

For more information on Onymos, its Features-as-a-Service platform, DocKnow, or how it can help your education institution, visit onymos.com.

About University of Cincinnati

Founded in 1819, the University of Cincinnati is leading urban, public universities into a new era of innovation and impact. As the global founder of cooperative education, UC remains a world-class leader in experience-based learning. U.S. News & World Report ranks UC’s co-op/internship program Top 5 in the country. The university boasts 200+ years of history as a research pioneer, with a culture strongly emphasizing collaboration. UC is a Research 1 Institution (Carnegie Classification) and the National Science Foundation places UC at No. 33 among America’s public research universities. Learn more at uc.edu.

About Onymos

Onymos is the developer of the world’s first Features-as-a-Service platform. Our more than 20 full-stack Onymos Features enable enterprises to build innovative and differentiated apps with unmatched speed, quality, and value. Onymos is trusted by top brands, including Albertsons, CVS, and Walmart. For more information, visit onymos.com, and join the conversation on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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