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Press Release: Onymos and Vapotherm Announce Partnership to Create an End-to-End Internet of Medical Things Solution (IoMT)

Onymos IoMT and Vapotherm

Partnership enables Vapotherm to build a robust and secure solution 80% faster than the standard development timeline to meet data visualization and device management goals for HVT® 2.0 and future Home system

SAN FRANCISCO, March 20, 2024 – Onymos, developer of the world’s first Features-as-a-Service platform, and Vapotherm, Inc. (OTCQX: VAPO), (“Vapotherm”), a global medical technology company whose proprietary high-velocity therapy® products treat patients of all ages suffering from respiratory distress, today announced the formation of a development and commercialization partnership. This partnership will help Vapotherm create a unique respiratory digital platform to meet its data visualization and device management goals for the Vapotherm HVT® 2.0 system in the acute care space as well as for future products in the home. 

Through the Onymos Features-as-a-Service platform, Vapotherm accesses Onymos’ suite of Internet of Things (IoT) features — including Onymos Edge, Onymos Access, and Onymos DataStore — to build a secure end-to-end solution to connect the HVT 2.0 fleet with the cloud. It consists of a GoLang-based “Gateway” application, an Angular web dashboard for remote device management, and cloud storage for patient data. The solution is currently undergoing beta testing with select hospitals. 

The HVT 2.0 system currently uses Vapotherm’s revolutionary high-velocity therapy® and has a large, intuitive touchscreen to display relevant clinical information at a distance (flow, FiO2, temperature, safety alarms, event log, etc.). Connectivity provides clinically relevant information remotely to help medical teams make informed and confident decisions quickly.  

“We continually look to provide our customers with innovative solutions to improve patient outcomes as evidenced by our recent HVT 2.0 launch and future home offerings. We believe that by adopting Onymos’ suite of IoT features into these products it will help medical teams make informed decisions quickly to help treat their patients and improve outcomes at a lower cost. This is huge for understaffed hospitals especially. It’s an honor to help our customers and to partner with Onymos to make our connected cloud solutions a reality – one that continues to enhance and adjust according to physician feedback and needs,” said Vapotherm’s Chief Technology Officer, Brian Lawrence.  

“We are proud to work alongside Vapotherm to help the company realize its data visualization and device management goals for the HVT 2.0 system and future home product,” said Shiva Nathan, Founder and CEO of Onymos. “By leveraging multiple facets of our Features-as-a-Service platform, we are able to develop an extensive Internet of Medical Things solution that is both SOC 2 and HIPAA compliant 80 percent faster than the standard development timeline.” 

The Onymos Features-as-a-Service platform is a pro-code platform that enables companies and organizations — such as medical device manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, retailers, and education institutions — to achieve unmatched speed, quality, and value in their web, mobile, and IoT application development and innovation. It has over 20 foundational app features and can be easily added to new or existing applications. The Onymos platform includes the UI/UX, security, help with compliance requirements, underlying logic that runs on the device, the server-side functions and integrations that process and store data in the cloud, and continuous updates. The Onymos platform also supports many of the other most popular frameworks for web and mobile application development. 

For more information on Onymos, its Features-as-a-Service platform, or how it can help your company realize its IoT or IoMT goals, visit onymos.com.  

About Vapotherm

Vapotherm, Inc. (OTCQX: VAPO) is a publicly traded developer and manufacturer of advanced respiratory technology based in Exeter, New Hampshire, USA. The Company develops innovative, comfortable, non-invasive technologies for respiratory support of patients with chronic or acute breathing disorders. Over 4.2 million patients have been treated with the use of Vapotherm high-velocity therapy® systems. For more information, visit https://vapotherm.com/.  

Vapotherm high-velocity therapy is mask-free non-invasive ventilatory support and is a front-line tool for relieving respiratory distress—including hypercapnia, hypoxemia, and dyspnea. It allows for the fast, safe treatment of undifferentiated respiratory distress with one tool. The HVT 2.0 and Precision Flow systems’ mask-free interface delivers optimally conditioned breathing gases, making it comfortable for patients and reducing the risks and care complexities associated with mask therapies. While being treated, patients can talk, eat, drink and take oral medication. 

About Onymos

Onymos is the developer of the world’s first Features-as-a-Service platform. Our more than 20 foundational app features enable enterprises to build innovative and differentiated apps with unmatched speed, quality, and value. Onymos is trusted by top brands, including Albertsons, CVS, and Walmart. For more information, visit onymos.com, and join the conversation on LinkedIn and Twitter

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