Onymos Raises $12M Series A: Learn why

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The Ionic Framework is wonderful and wildly popular open-source UI toolkit for building performance, high-quality apps using web technologies. The Onymos Fabric, available for Ionic, is a suite of foundational Components for building complex enterprise apps using standard web tools. They sound about the same, causing people to sometimes ask – “We are using/considering Ionic […]

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A few Onymos customers had been struggling to eradicate UIWebView in their iOS apps per the ITMS-90809 advisory notice.  Even though the issues aren’t in our Onymos Fabric Components, we dug in to solve the problem. To save others the headache, I wanted to publish the detailed steps that we found and followed to migrate […]

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Shiva Nathan, the former Head of Intuit’s Platform & Services, is a seasoned tech executive with experience managing app development at multiple Fortune 500 companies. He is currently the founder and CEO of Onymos Inc, a US startup that aims to transform app creation. Below is an excerpt from an interview with Shiva on app […]

What’s in a name?  For Onymos, it’s more than meets the eye (or ear).  The first time I met Shiva Nathan, founder and visionary behind Onymos, I’ll admit, I struggled with the right way to pronounce his company’s name.  It’s a well-known fact that the sweetest and most important sound is a person’s own name […]

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