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Know Your HealthDocs

With our Know Your HealthDocs bundle of Onymos Features, your healthcare app can transform COVID-19 vaccination cards, prescriptions labels, and other kinds of documents into structured data.

Fast, accurate, and battle-tested by pharmacy technicians and health tech software engineers.

Know Your HealthDocs Bundle

Know Your HealthDocs is an app foundation in minutes.

Save time and money with this bundle of Onymos Features for your next healthcare app. DocID, DocEnhance, and DocKnow work together to digitize and extract data from documents.

Benefits for frontline staff
  • Relieve frontline staff from the tedious, error-prone, and time-consuming process of manually vetting and transcribing medical documentation

  • Reduce time required of frontline staff to input and verify form data by 80%

  • Reduce error rate of document transcription to less than 1%

  • Automatically import data into a secure database

  • Accelerate your organization’s digital transformation
Benefits for engineering team
  • Build a healthcare scanning, verification, and OCR application in 1/10 the time

  • Alleviate the need to custom code integrations with device hardware like cameras and scanners

  • OCR is integrated with medical dictionaries to correctly interpret misspellings of common terms

  • Built-in and on-device ML identifies medical forms and documents

  • Allow development teams to focus on building the features that make your app unique — instead of reinventing the wheel
Albertsons app

A document scanning solution for Albertsons

Albertsons needed a portal solution for scanning and digitizing handwritten vaccine consent forms — and they needed it yesterday. Access, Media and our Know Your HealthDocs bundle enabled them to go from idea to the App Store in 4 weeks.

By combining ML-based OCR with human verification, their enterprise app is able to reduce data entry times and improve data accuracy. Plus, putting the app onto mobile devices has given the pharmacy techs previously unattainable mobility to capture data at the point of care.

What’s in Know Your HealthDocs


Start building with DocKnow

Digitize your documentation and extract structured data with powerful OCR trusted by companies like Albertsons and CVS.

  • Supports multiple data types: text, numbers, dates, and checkboxes
  • Returns zoomed-in snapshots of each field for human-in-the-loop verification
  • Update document templates remotely without updating your app
  • General text recognition for parsing untrained document models

Start building with DocEnhance

An AI image enhancer that dramatically improves any image’s clarity.

  • Accepts PNG, JPEG, TIFF, and PDF file formats using only two simple endpoints.
  • Remove or minimize watermarks and image noise
  • Use automated presets optimized for different kinds of images
  • Optional parameters for fine-grained control over image enhancements

Start building with DocID

Use client-side machine learning to identify invalid document types before a user ever hits the “submit” button.

  • Zero data exposure
  • Update your document models remotely
  • Validates any kind of document
  • Improved UX for your users




Onymos Features


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Onymos Features


Service integrations

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