Case Study – Joyrun

Manish Rathi saw an opportunity for a new type of food-delivery app optimized for communities such as schools and offices. Combining geo-location with social networks, JoyRun has emerged as a forerunner in the “social food delivery” category by connecting ‘buyers’ with ‘runners’ for convenient local delivery.


“As we scoped out the development schedule for JoyRun, we realized we’d have to hire Android and iOS engineers, and it would take three months.” Much of the development time was would be dedicated to pulling together building blocks, location, social log-in, monitoring functions.


“By using Onymos, we were able to develop and submit a fully functional version of JoyRun into both app stores within a week.”

Manish Rathi
CEO Joyrun

“Onymos has consistently saved us time & effort managing iOS and Android updates. Love their proactive updates and customer-focus – highly recommended!”

UPDATE: In Q4, 2020, JoyRun was acquired by Walmart. Congratulations Manish and the entire JoyRun team.

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