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Combine the best parts of in-house and outsourced development (customization and control) with the best parts of SaaS (speed and support).


The world’s biggest brands are building apps with Onymos

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The world’s biggest brands are building apps with Onymos

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Own the data, own the code

Your engineers are innovators — don’t waste their time making them build the software commodities. For those, you’ve got Onymos. We provide the foundation for your next IoT or app development project. And with access to the full source code, it’s just like your team built it themselves.

GTM faster


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The pro-code rapid app dev solution

Get over a dozen features for your apps. Use just one — or all of them.

Onymos Access


The easiest and fastest way to add customized login capabilities to your app. Select your preferred authentication methods in Onymos Access.

Onymos Biometrics


Add Face ID or Touch ID in a snap with Onymos Biometrics. Easily adapt to the supported technologies of a particular device and platform.

Onymos Chat


Adding Chat to an app is deceptively complex. With Onymos Chat, we provide the message management and storage, and you make it shine.

Onymos Contacts


Managing your user’s contacts from their device’s address book can be tedious, particularly if the list is large. Onymos makes it easy.

Onymos DataStore


Full-stack app features need full-stack tools for securely getting/putting data in your cloud.

Onymos DeepLink


Finally a simple way to easily support deep links across apps and sites.

Onymos DocEnhance


We’re serious about the “transformation” part of digital transformation. Use Onymos DocEnhance to dramatically improve the quality of scanned and photographed documents.

Onymos DocID


Identify documents on the client side with local machine learning. If that sounds complex, don’t worry, Onymos DocID was designed to keep it simple.

Onymos DocKnow


Digitize your documents with Onymos DocKnow. We made data extraction easy — without sacrificing the speed, accuracy, and intelligence you expect.

Onymos Location


Our Location services are more than lat/long, they’re tools for translating addresses and geolocations, for building fences, and tracking movements, all with superior battery performance.

Onymos Media


Managing photos, images and videos in today’s mobile apps is time-consuming and thankless. Onymos Media is the toolkit to make it easy.

Onymos Notification


Add in-app notifications in a single function with Onymos Notification. The easiest and fastest way to keep users notified.

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    • DataStore
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    • Location
    • Media
    • Notification
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  • Eliminate tech debt and maintenance
  • Access to the complete source code
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