IoT software development already developed

The IoT software you need is already developed. Whether your Internet of Things “thing” is a sleek new wearable, a next-gen medical device, or a remote sensor, Onymos Features-as-a-Service connects and supports it.

IoT software development

Connect. Capture. Access. Analyze.

The Onymos Features-as-a-Service platform includes all of the UI and functionality components your IoT solution needs. Use just one or two (go fast), or all of them (go faster).

Data gateway
Drop-in data gateway

Onymos Edge is your IoT ecosystem’s communication layer. It leverages edge computing, the most popular IoT protocols, a user portal for device management, TLS certificate-based security, and data buffering to ensure the most efficient, secure, and cost-effective performance.

Connect to the cloud
Connect to the cloud

Onymos DataStore is your battle-tested set of utility functions for securely storing and retrieving data in the cloud. DataStore’s API standardizes access to the most popular cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, and GCP. Don’t use a cloud? We support on-prem too.

Auth for users
Authenticate your users

Onymos Access is a total login system for your IoT applications. In fact, we think it’s the easiest and fastest way to add enterprise-grade authentication to any app. Use email and password-based auth, an ID manager like Azure AD, or a social login provider like Google Sign-In (or all three).

Locate and monitor
Locate and monitor

Onymos Location is built to capture and transform the geodata you need. Translate coordinates into addresses, calculate movement speeds, or erect unlimited geofences (virtual boundaries around physical locations and devices) with a simplified API.

Stay notified
Stay notified

Onymos Notification keeps you and your users up to date on the status and performance of your devices. Full server-side setup is included for Apple Push Notification Service (APNS) and Google’s Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM). It’s just another example of the “service” in Features-as-a-Service.

Your dashboard
Your dashboard

Emphasis on “your.” Other platforms and services make you use their dashboards, hosted on their servers. Onymos gives you complete customizability and ownership instead. Choose to receive the front-end code for a remote monitoring and management dashboard wired up to other Onymos Features like Access and DataStore.

Own the data

They have something we don’t — your data

Most software platforms rely on an intermediary server. There are several reasons for this, from interim data manipulation to ‘lazy’ development to a desire to stay ‘in between’ you and your (and your customer’s) data.

But at Onymos, we connect directly to your cloud. It’s just more private, secure, and efficient that way.

Own the data

Own the code

Only Onymos gives you the source code

We believe in the opposite of vendor lock-in, that’s why we give you the option to license our actual source code. It’s just like if your team built it themselves. You can verify it, customize it — but what you don’t have to do is maintain it, because all of our software comes with a subscription for updates and enhancements.

Own the code

6x faster GTM

Build your IoT system in weeks

When other solution providers tell you “months,” we say “weeks” — then we deliver. Read our customer case studies to find out for yourself.

Onymos is SOC 2 and HIPAA compliant, so whether you’re in the healthcare industry building physical devices for real-time patient monitoring, a logistics coordinator tracking shipments, or even a tech start-up developing smart pedalboards for electric guitars (yeah, that’s a “thing”), we can help.

6x faster GTM

Software you need for IoT app development

Onymos software isn’t a plugin or a low-code/no-code abstraction. Every app feature is built to be a complete and self-contained enterprise-grade solution compatible with the most popular open-source frameworks and programming languages. And each one comes with a subscription for updates and enhancements.

Developing IoT devices with Vapotherm

By 2023, Vapotherm’s next-generation HVT 2.0 device had revolutionized therapeutic care and respiratory support for hospital patients.

The next step was incorporating online connectivity and remote control.

Every other service provider and software vendor estimated project timelines as long as 9 months. Onymos said the development process would only take 8 weeks.

Vapotherm and Onymos IoT software development

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Pre-built IoT software solutions for custom IoT products
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    • Biometrics
    • Chat
    • Contacts
    • DataStore
    • DeepLink
    • Location
    • Media
    • Notification
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  • Eliminate tech debt and maintenance
  • Access to the complete source code
  • Real-time data analysis and processing
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