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Quickstart Guide: Contacts Component

Contacts Component

Select a framework to get started.

Get started

Using Ionic or Cordova? Get the Contacts component working in your app in four easy steps.

  1. Download the component
  2. Add it to your environment
  3. Using Contacts
  4. Troubleshoot

1. Download the Onymos Contacts component

If you haven’t already, enter your email address here and we’ll email you a link to download the .zip file.

2. Add it to your environment

Create a folder within your project (e.g., onymos_components) and unzip the file. Add the component to your environment

$ cordova plugin add onymos_components/onymos-component-contacts

3. Set up and configure

You’ll need a Project ID (unique to the App or Project you are building, sometimes identified as customerId) and an AuthToken to use this (or any) component in your app dev project (one Onymos AuthToken per project).

To generate a Project ID and AuthToken, create an Onymos Hosting account here***.

NOTE: Only one Project ID/AuthToken per App. If you’re adding components to an existing project, you can use an existing project AuthToken.

NOTE: Onymos has a developer- and project-friendly pricing model. Use any or all of our components in a project at no cost until your app is installed on >100 devices. Ideal for iterating your MVP (see detailed pricing here).

While logged into Onymos Hosting, copy the Project ID (format: 0xxxxxxxxxx-nn) and AuthToken.

Adding the Onymos software license key to your project

In your project, go to the app.component.ts file and find the onymosInitialize (); function. Paste the ID and AuthToken into the onymosConnectObj {}:

onymosConnectObj = {
customerId : '<YOUR-CUSTOMER-ID>', // Provided by Onymos
onymosAuthToken : '<YOUR-ONYMOS-AUTH-TOKEN>', // Provided by Onymos
envType : 'PRD' // Onymos offers Dev environments on request

// Initialize your component

Onymos.initialize(onymosConnectObject, successCallback, failureCallback);

// Rest of your app’s functionality follows

Data Storage
The Contacts Component does not use any server-side storage.

4. Customize the UI

Details on how to customize the UI for the Contacts component are available below.

There is no front-end to the ______ component.
<<maybe blog post links>>

5. Troubleshooting

No AuthToken
AuthToken expired

To include variables into component package, add the following:


Dig into our API documentation

Developer support

Got questions? Our support team is here to help.

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